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Howard Beach, NY, January 10, 2024 –(PR.com)– Avis Smith, who is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, has completed his new book, “African American: The Opposition Court Case: My experience as a black man in America refusing to be identified as African American”: a compelling work that explores the author’s belief that the term “African American” limits the overall progress of black people in general and that whites born in Africa, now living in the United States, can also be called African American, defeating the reasoning behind the African American Summit, where the term African American was said to be endorsed by five prominent black people against the approval and rights of black people in general.

Author Avis Smith was born at Fort McPherson Army Post, which is now the place of Tyler Perry Studios. As a kid in Atlanta, his family lived in a neighborhood that separated the white section from the black section. His father was in the US Navy and was transferred from the naval air station in Atlanta to New York’s Floyd Bennett Field. Shortly after being at Floyd Bennett in 1957, his father’s uncle Clarence H. Pickett was beaten to death in Columbus, Georgia, by a white policeman. This and other incidents were the beginning of the journey defining his identity. The white cop was originally from New York.

Smith writes, “Writing this book was wholeheartedly in response to the April 23, 1989, African American Summit, which a handful of so-called Negros/African Americans held in New Orleans. What they perceived as their greatest achievement that day was to determine that Black people should be called African American, as opposed to Black people. I detailed many of the events and experiences in my personal life to explain why I am continuously opposed to the term and my extreme dislike of it. My first issue is that this was never brought up to the masses of Black people for input, as Black people was with its general acceptance, which concluded in the 1960s. It was just a few selfish people, including Reverend Jackson, who got together to determine a very important part of the lives of Black people without allowing them one ounce of input. This is a crime and social disgrace, in my opinion, yet they spend time soliciting votes in the political spectrum claiming the value of our input.”

Published by Page Publishing, Avis Smith’s thought-provoking work offers the author’s life story as well as his personal beliefs.

Readers who wish to experience this impactful work can purchase “African American: The Opposition Court Case: My experience as a black man in America refusing to be identified as African American” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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