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New Port Richey, FL, February 28, 2024 –(PR.com)– Advisers are required to meet NASAA’s latest IAR CE model rule requirements. The rule requires Advisers to complete 12 CE credit hours of IAR to include 6 CE credit hours of Products and Practices and 6 CE credit hours of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. In order to receive the credit hours, Advisers must report them to FINRA.

Course Summary: Small businesses constitute an essential element of the U.S. economy. Approximately 30 million small businesses operate in the United States, making up the vast majority of employer firms in the country. Collectively, these small businesses employ nearly 80 million workers or approximately half of all private sector employees.

This course is designed to review and clarify the diverse business structures and the benefit plans available to each. For decades, the tax law has included special rules to provide various benefits or incentives to small businesses or to exclude them from a burdensome rule. Yet, the federal tax law has no single, uniform definition of small business. Instead, as recently illustrated by the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, such businesses may be defined based on gross receipts, assets, capital, entity type, number of shareholders or some amount of outlay, such as start-up expenditures. Even with the same base, such as gross receipts, small is defined with varying dollar amounts. Section II of the course includes the definition of ethics, specific ethics in the insurance industry, its history and regulation, unfair marketing practices and navigating ethical dilemmas.

B.E.S.T.’s new IAR CE course and staff are available to extend a helping hand to Advisers by assisting them in completing their IAR CE requirement.

View course at: https://www.bestonlinecourses.com/brokered/catalog/descript-iar.asp?CourseCode=IR_SBRPEP&Nametag=SBRPEP&State=&returnurl=/brokered/catalog/iar.asp

Online course includes:

*12 CE credit hours (split course):

– 6 CE credit hours of Products and Practices
– 6 CE credit hours of Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Online Exam: 70-questions. To receive CE credit, advisers must obtain a passing grade of 70% or higher.

Cost includes governing board filing fees of $36.00.

10 CE credit hours of CFP® and / or 10 CE credit hours of IWI (CIMA® / CPWA® / RMA®) are also available. Learn more by clicking the button below. If you add CFP CE credits, there is also an additional CFP Board fee of $12.50.

Note: IAR CE credits are only available for states that have adopted the NASAA Model Regulations. See list of states here: https://www.brokered.net/iar/#1.

Disclaimer: “NASAA does not endorse any particular provider of CE courses. The content of the course and any views expressed are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of NASAA or any of its member jurisdictions.”