Bayside Corporations on A Hiring Spree; Announces Plans to Hire Over 400 Employees in the Next 6 Months

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Goa-based Bayside Corporations (BCS), a luxury real estate firm in India, has announced its hiring plans for the next 2 quarters. The firm is scouting for talent across the country and aims to hire approximately 400 team members in its sales division. The hiring will primarily be conducted at its Goa and Chandigarh-Tricity locations.

Bayside Corporations (BCS) is a conglomerate of companies that has been operating in the Indian real estate market for the last 14 years. Previously focused on marketing, investments, and land purchases, BCS is now aggressively expanding its domain into luxury home sales under its own brand name. The firm is already active in Goa and Chandigarh-Tricity and will soon announce its operations in the UAE market.

According to the firm’s spokesperson, “The Indian luxury real estate market has literally quadrupled in the last year, and we at BCS are confident that the market will continue to grow. This sector demands an organized brokerage firm at the ground level to achieve better sales. We are a unique group with a focused approach to selling luxury homes exclusively, and we are confident of achieving good numbers this fiscal year. Hence, the hiring is in full swing.”

Bayside Corporations (BCS) was recently in the news for announcing sales targets exceeding INR 100 crores from Goa and Chandigarh-Tricity. With this new announcement, the firm has clearly demonstrated its aim to become the largest real estate consultancy or brokerage firm in India for luxury housing.

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