Bond Rees Tackles Employee Non-Compete Contract Breeches –

London, United Kingdom, May 31, 2024 –(– Bond Rees have launched new services allowing businesses to investigate covenant breaches in employee contracts, they revealed recently. Breaches in these clauses can result in loss of profits, damage to reputation, and the mishandling of company secrets by previous or current employees that can put businesses at risk. Gathering evidence that a breach has taken place can be costly, time consuming, and ineffective which is why many businesses are looking to private investigative agencies to take on these cases.

As the UK’s leading private investigative agency, Bond Rees’ corporate investigators have the experience and skills to conduct discreet investigations into past employees through surveillance, bugging, and people tracing methods. Every case is conducted with strict compliance with the law, ensuring businesses can take the evidence they uncover to injunctions or court cases.

“We’re proud to offer our expertise to any business dealing with contract breeches,” said Aaron Bond, owner of Bond Rees. “We have a strong team of corporate investigators from ex-military and ex-police backgrounds who can deliver results exactly when people need them.”

Bond Rees are committed to safeguarding their client’s privacy and will never divulge any personal information. All practices adhere strictly to the regulations set out in the GDPR.

About Bond Rees: Bond Rees is a national organisation with offices across the UK. Clients looking for discreet, professional and affordable private investigative services turn to Bond Rees for their services. Their reputation for highly efficient and effective investigative work has established them as one of the leading private investigation companies in the UK.