Breast Cancer Awareness Month: ProCure Stresses the Importance of Early Detection

SOMERSET, N.J. , Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of early detection and the impact of breast cancer on individuals and their families.

ProCure Proton Therapy Center, a leading cancer treatment center in Central New Jersey, is committed to ensuring that everyone understands the significance of regular screenings and proactive measures in the fight against breast cancer.

Breast cancer remains one of the most prevalent forms of cancer globally, and the latest statistics underscore the pressing need for education and vigilance. Consider these vital facts:

  • Incidence Rates: In the United States alone, an estimated 297,790 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2023, according to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Early Detection Saves Lives: The 5-year survival rate for individuals whose breast cancer is detected at an early, localized stage is 99% — a clear testament to the life-saving potential of regular screenings.
  • Innovative Treatments: Proton therapy, offered at ProCure, is a cutting-edge radiation treatment that provides targeted and precise therapy for breast cancer patients. This technology minimizes the risk of radiation exposure to healthy tissue, reducing side effects.

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month provides an opportunity for all of us to come together to raise awareness and educate our communities about the importance of early detection,” said Dr. Brian Chon, ProCure Medical Director. “We hope that by sharing these statistics, we can encourage everyone to prioritize regular screenings and take proactive steps toward breast health.”

ProCure Proton Therapy Center invites the community to join us in raising awareness and promoting early detection this October.

About ProCure Proton Therapy Center:

ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Somerset, NJ, opened in March 2012 as the tri-state region’s first proton therapy facility, treating a range of cancers including disease of the prostate, breast, lung, brain, head and neck, and gastrointestinal system, as well as sarcomas and many pediatric cases. Using the most advanced radiation treatment available ProCure has treated more than 6,000 patients and enables many cancer patients to choose a non-surgical treatment personalized to their medical needs and lifestyles, often with fewer side effects and less downtime—giving them more freedom to enjoy what matters most in their lives. For more information, visit

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