Brent Jackson’s Newly Released “Redemption: A Story of Angels and Demons Book Two” is a Riveting Tale of Heavenly Redemption –

Cumming, GA, June 04, 2024 –(– “Redemption: A Story of Angels and Demons Book Two”: a captivating continuation of the epic saga. “Redemption: A Story of Angels and Demons Book Two” is the creation of published author, Brent Jackson, a high school history teacher and football coach and lives in Cumming, Georgia, with his wife, Wendy, and their six children. Redemption: A Story of Angels and Demons, Book Two is the second entry in the Defender series and is the sequel to the Bookfest Award-Winning, Defender: A Story of Angels and Demons. He holds degrees from Georgia Southern University and Georgia State University. When he is not teaching, coaching, or writing, Jackson spends his time running marathons and riding motorcycles.

Jackson shares, “Lucifer has infiltrated the world with his precious Nephilim. Seeking to disrupt, destroy, and prevent the birth of the Messiah, the Prince of Darkness declares war upon the Kingdom of God and his angelic warriors, including Archangel Michael and the mighty Defender, Daniel, born of man and raised by angels. Redemption tells the story of God’s great mercy and forgiveness placed upon the life of Rapha, the immortal giant, son of the mysterious angel, Hagan, as he tries to leave his life of evil and destruction behind. The Lord is not finished working through Rapha as his purpose has yet to be fulfilled. What is this purpose? What does God desire from him?

“Breathtaking in scope, spanning across history, ‘Redemption: A Story of Angels and Demons’ offers a mesmerizing account of the great battle between good and evil, holy and unholy, light and darkness. Michael, Daniel, Rapha, and others must unite to defend and protect the family of Joseph and Mary as they struggle against the forces of evil. Darkness seems to be prevailing. Lucifer must not succeed.

“The story of love, honor, and ultimate redemption continues in the second installment of the Defender series. Battle lines have been drawn. Swords have been lifted. Battles will be fought. The spiritual world of angels and demons merges with the human world of Nephilim, giants, and mankind, all leading to the pivotal moment of the birth, death, and resurrection of a Savior. Which side will be victorious in the clash of God’s angels against the demons of Lucifer?”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Brent Jackson’s new book offers readers a spellbinding journey through the realms of heaven and earth, exploring the timeless themes of faith, courage, and the triumph of good over evil.

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