Bridgeport Instruments Joins Texas Nuclear Alliance –

Austin, TX, July 03, 2024 –(– The Texas Nuclear Alliance announced today that Bridgeport Instruments, which specializes in the manufacturing of radiation detection instruments, has joined the Texas Nuclear Alliance as a Founding Member.

“We are proud to welcome Austin-based Bridgeport Instruments to the Texas Nuclear Alliance,” said Texas Nuclear Alliance President Reed Clay. “The Texas Nuclear Alliance’s singular mission is to make Texas the Nuclear Capital of the World, and it is clear that Texas-based companies like Bridgeport will be the catalysts for the regrowth of the entire nuclear value-chain.”

“We are honored to be a part of the Texas Nuclear Alliance,” said Michael Momayezi, CEO of Bridgeport Instrument. “Our goal is to provide reliable and modern radiation detection systems for monitoring outside the reactor core.”

About Bridgeport Instruments
Texas-based Bridgeport Instruments provides general-purpose and application-specific nuclear-radiation detection products to instrument builders. Founded in 2004, Bridgeport Instruments plays an integral role in the advancement of the nuclear industry in Texas and across the U.S. Bridgeport’s compact gamma-radiation detectors employ modern silicon photomultipliers and embedded ARM processors. These capable detectors are the most easy to use in the industry. Bridgeport’s neutron detectors stand out as they use neither pressurized gases nor toxic materials – yet are among the most efficient in the industry.

About the Texas Nuclear Alliance
The Texas Nuclear Alliance is the only industry association in Texas dedicated to the advancement of nuclear technology in the state. The Alliance was formed with a singular mission: to make Texas the Nuclear Capital of the World. Formed in 2022 in the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri, the Alliance is based on the fundamental premise that if Texas and the world want low-carbon, reliable energy, it can no longer turn its back on nuclear energy. Nuclear is clean, safe, reliable, and secure.