Brittany King-Henry’s Newly Released “Bean Babies, you are enough!” is an Important Reminder of God’s Blessings on Each of Us –

Waterbury, CT, March 21, 2024 –(– “Bean Babies, you are enough!”: a creative resource for helping young readers learn about their innate value. “Bean Babies, you are enough!” is the creation of published author, Brittany King-Henry, a dedicated wife, mother, and counselor.

King-Henry shares, “Did you know that you were born with a special gift? Did you know that everyone has a special talent that makes them unique?

“Maybe you know what your talent or gift is, but it just doesn’t seem big or special enough. And sometimes you look at someone else and wish you could be just as good at that one thing they are good at.

“This is the case for the Bean babies. Each is blessed with his own talent, but the brothers don’t think they are special enough and desire what another bean baby has. However, as the boys each set out on their own quest to become like one of their brothers, the Bean babies soon realize that everything they need, they already have inside themselves. With the help of Mama Bean and the youth director, the Bean babies discover the secret behind how each one of them has been created by God.

“Join the Bean babies on their journey as they discover the power and importance of finding their identity and embracing their uniqueness. Understanding your gift allows you to walk fully in purpose and have a clear identity in Jesus Christ.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Brittany King-Henry’s new book will delight and entertain through an entertaining narrative and vibrant imagery.

Consumers can purchase “Bean Babies, you are enough!” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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