Caputie Residences: A New Dawn for LGBTQ Inclusive Eco-Luxury Living in Belize –

Palm Desert, CA, February 29, 2024 –(– In a significant development for the Caribbean, California-based entrepreneur and LGBTQ advocate Patrick Perrine and his husband announce the availability of four lots at the exclusive Caputie Residences. Situated in Belize’s Mayan Mountains, this eco-luxury village represents a shift towards sustainable living with a strong emphasis on LGBTQ inclusivity and allyship, highlighting a momentous occasion for one of the most LGBTQ-friendly countries in the region.

A Sanctuary of Diversity and Nature
Caputie Residences exceeds the standard eco-luxury model by merging environmental awareness with a commitment to inclusivity. The boutique enclave, consisting of six lots with two already secured, provides unmatched privacy and a connection to nature. Drawing inspiration from Balinese architecture, each residence stands as a symbol of sustainable design, offering residents a tranquil haven that blends seamlessly with the rainforest.

Belize: A Leader in LGBTQ Rights and Natural Beauty
The progressive approach of Belize towards LGBTQ rights, combined with its rich biodiversity and dynamic culture, positions Caputie Residences as an ideal selection for individuals seeking authenticity and community. The country’s extensive legal protections and open atmosphere affirm its role at the forefront of LGBTQ rights. Further details can be found at:

An Invitation to Discover a Unique Vision
Patrick Perrine expresses, “Nearly three decades after Belize first captivated me, my husband and I are thrilled to bring our vision of Caputie Residences to life. It is a call to those who envision a life marked by adventure, inclusivity, and sustainability. We invite you to join this paradise, a place where diversity thrives and everyone can find their sanctuary.”

Embracing the Expat Lifestyle in an Idyllic Setting
Belize distinguishes itself with an English-speaking population, U.S. dollar currency, and a strategic location a mere 2.5-hour flight from major U.S. cities, emerging as the ideal haven for those desiring an enriching and eco-conscious lifestyle.

Caputie Residences magnifies the appeal of Belize, establishing it as a compelling choice for expatriates. Beyond breathtaking landscapes and an English-speaking community, Belize presents strategic benefits, including tax incentives and a welcoming expatriate community. Caputie Residences ensures a safe, inclusive environment that enhances the living and investment prospects in Belize.

Joining an Exclusive Community
With limited spaces available, Caputie Residences extends an invitation to individuals who prioritize diversity, luxury, and eco-conscious living to secure their spot in this pioneering project. Patrick Perrine adds, “Caputie Residences is more than just a home; it’s an invitation to join a lifestyle that celebrates diversity, sustainability, and joy, all within a paradisiacal setting.”

For more information and to explore how to become a part of Caputie Residences, please contact:
Patrick Perrine