CareSmartz360 Strengthens Caregiver Screening with Checkr Integration –

Pittsford, NY, May 22, 2024 –(– The end-to-end home care software, CareSmartz360, has integrated with Checkr, a software that offers fast, safe, and smooth background checks. This collaboration empowers home care agencies to streamline their caregiver screening processes and thus ensure clients’ safety while enabling faster onboarding.

“We’re happy to announce the CareSmartz360-Checkr integration. This milestone reflects our commitment to provide disruptive solutions that meet the home care’s evolving needs,” said Ruby Mehta, VP of Sales at Caresmartz.

Benefits of the CareSmartz360-Checkr Integration

Here are core benefits the integration offers:

Seamless Background Checks

CareSmartz360 users can initiate background checks directly within the platform. Thus, they no longer need to switch between systems, which may lead to duplicate data entry. It simplifies screening and significantly saves time for agencies.

Centralized Tracking

Home care agencies can track and manage background checks for all their caregivers from a single location within CareSmartz360. This centralized view eliminates manual record-keeping and ensures all background check data is readily accessible.

Using CareSmartz360, home care agencies can track background checks for every caregiver from one central location. As such, the need for manual record-keeping is eliminated and in one glance, all background check data is easily available.

Systematic Workflow

The integration automates data transfer between CareSmartz360 and Checkr. As soon as a background check is initiated in CareSmartz360, the caregiver data is automatically transferred to Checkr for processing. Finally, the results are securely fetched into CareSmartz360, providing a simplified workflow.

Quick Hiring

The seamless background check allows agencies to quickly make hiring decisions, which is crucial in today’s competitive market.

Improved Client Safety

By banking on Checkr’s comprehensive background checks, agencies can mitigate risks and ensure client well-being. This means increased trust and confidence among families relying on CareSmartz360 agencies for the care of their loved ones.

About CareSmartz360

CareSmartz360 is a leading home care software designed to help the home care community achieve greatness in operations and improve client care for agencies of all sizes.

The platform offers a suite of features including scheduling, billing, communication tools, and caregiver management, etc. to every home care agency—from startup to Franchisors—to maximize performance, revenue, and care outcomes.

About Checkr

Checkr is a background screening platform that uses technology to streamline the hiring process. It helps businesses verify candidate information through human expertise and AI.

Their cloud-based software and integrations allow companies to quickly and efficiently run background checks, filling roles faster and improving hiring decisions.