CASEKOO Debuts the Magic Stand CloudCush Version iPhone Case: The Ultimate Fusion of Air Cushion Technology and Design, Just in Time for iPhone 15 Launch

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CASEKOO, a trailblazer in premium smartphone accessories, proudly introduces its most ambitious product to date—the Magic Stand CloudCush Version iPhone Case. Timed perfectly to coincide with the highly anticipated release of iPhone 15 series, this iPhone case is more than just a stylish accessory; it’s a technological marvel that offers unparalleled protection and multifunctionality. CASEKOO’s Magic Stand CloudCush Version iPhone case is now available at

The Magic Stand CloudCush Version stands out due to CASEKOO’s patented Air Cushion Technology. CASEKOO’s pioneering venture into air cushion technology was sparked by an insight borrowed from the running shoes. Much like top-tier running shoes use air cushioning to absorb shocks and protect feet, the R&D team at CASEKOO wondered: why not offer the same elite protection for smartphones? This epiphany was the genesis of a three-year research journey, in which the team delved deep into the mechanics of air cushioning. Their relentless pursuit of perfection led to the birth of the CloudCush Case.

The colorful CloudCush case features cloud-like full edges, offering a silky-smooth touch and a comforting grip experience that alleviates pressure. Designed to act like a phone’s personal airbag, this technology employs 360° air chambers to cushion and disperse impact forces for optimal shock absorption. Extensive drop tests verify the case offers 16ft military-grade drop protection. Additionally, specially raised edges ensure the camera and screen remain pristine. This design not only guarantees phone safety but also maintains a lightweight feel in hand, perfectly balancing form, and function.

The Magic Stand CloudCush Version introduces features that redefine smartphone interaction. The Invisible Magic Stand design enhances hand-feel, remains stable during use, and offers viewing flexibility, ranging from a gentle 40° tilt to a commanding 120°. Plus, the 48-piece magnet ring structure is compatible with both MagSafe and Qi-certified wireless chargers.

CASEKOO Magic Stand CloudCush Version Case

  • Air Cushion Technology, offering 16ft military-grade drop protection
  • Raised edges to safeguard the camera and screen
  • Invisible Built-in Magic Stand with a range of 40° to 120°
  • MagSafe Compatibility
  • HalBach array technology with a 48-piece magnet ring structure
  • Crys-Gel, Anti Yellowing Technology
  • Colors: Black/Lime/Pink/Deep Blue/Light Grey/Purple/Beige
  • Price: USD$33.99
  • Link: CASEKOO’S Official Website
  • Link: CASEKOO’S Amazon Shop


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