CHBO Supports the Development Process to Build the First Global Miniature Park in Tunisia –

Tunis, Tunisia, February 27, 2024 –(– Planet Miniature: Tunisia & the World in Miniature.

“Planet Miniature” will be produced at 1:30 and/or 1:25 scale on an outdoor/indoor site around the greater capital of Tunis/Carthage, Tunisia, based on 180+ Unique Community & World Heritage Monuments in Tunisia & the World. This will be supported by the lasted Digital Technology to produce a hyper unique visits, activities and discoveries to our theme park.

Many activities and attractions will be available –from soft to exciting discoveries. The tourist, recreational, cultural and educational park is an Inter Socio-Economic unique project where innovation, motivation, fascination, relaxation, stimulation –are orbiting around Planet Miniature… All activities will be aligned by the Culture of Health in Business Organization/CHBO Certification and sustained by an NGO/a Non-Profit Organization.

Nothing like it in this earth orbit, the 1st project in Tunisia of its kind globally and potential to be in Guinness Book of Records. Environmentally friendly / renewable energy and sustained by digital & information technology, immersive reality, extended reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, transversal reality and more.

Please contact Nadhem Nouisser, President of CHBO, for more information about Planet Miniature to discover more about this special innovative Park project.