Chennai Based Smart Creations Installs the First Gold Plated Kalasam at Amawa Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

As Ayodhya is gearing up for the Ram Mandir inauguration on January 22, 2024, Chennai based Smart Creations, a pioneer in gold plating technology for temples in India and overseas, embellished Amawa Ram Mandir’s architectural heritage by installing a gold-plated copper Kalasam on the monumental temple tower. 

Chennai based Smart Creations installs the first gold plated Kalasam at Amawa Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

Designed with Nano Tech Golden Deposition (NTGD) technology and handcrafted by a 72-year-old artisan, Allaudin, in a duration of 45 days, the 13- ½ feet tall gold-plated Copper Kalasam, weighing a total of 120 kilograms, including 400 grams of gold deposit, adorns the Shikara of Amawa Ram Mandir, located about 500 meters away from the Ram Lalla Mandir, Ram Janma Bhoomi. This is considered to be the first gold plated Kalasam that has been installed in Ayodhya, with a 30-year warranty. The NTGD technology, is the same as used in NASA / ISRO defence applications and equipment, including the recent Chandrayaan 3, India’s lander & rover mission to the moon.

Historically significant, Amawa Ram Mandir is situated at the same place where the temple of the Raghu dynasty is, wherein Emperors of the Raghu clan including Lord Ram worshipped their deities. The temple was renovated and extended by Acharya Dr Kishore Kunal, a former IPS officer, Vice Chancellor of K.S.D. Sanskrit University, ex-Chairman of Bihar State Board of Hindu Religious Trusts and he as the present trustee of the Ram Mandir approached Smart Creations for crafting of the golden Kalasam.

Speaking on Smart Creations significant contribution to the golden city of Ayodhya, Mr Pankaj Bhandari, CEO of Smart Creations said, “With a mission to bring back the golden glory of our country and sustain the art form of gold plating, we at Smart Creations are extremely delighted to have contributed the first gold plated Kalasam to the golden city of Ayodhya, especially at a time when history is being created in the holy land of Ram Janma Bhoomi. This is also a very special year for us, as we are stepping into the twenty fifth year of our artistic journey, upgrading temples in India to golden temples with gold plating technology & expertise. We couldn’t have come this far without the support of our strong R & D team and the unparalleled skills of our traditional artisans from the South. The 3000-gold plated Kalasams, the crowning glory of many shrines in India, stand testimony to our pioneering work in the country”.

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About Smart Creations

Smart creations have been associated with temples and kumbabhishekams for more than 24 years and are a pioneer in gold plating for temples. Today with the traditional knowledge of special hand-chosen artisans combined with the latest technology, Smart creations are on a mission of upgrading temples to Golden temples. With a special R & D department, supported by a fully equipped factory, Smart creations have delivered Kalsams, Vimanams, Dwathasthambams , Golden chariots, Golden walls, Doors to more than 5500 temples in India and abroad.

About Amawa Ram Mandir

Amawa Ram Mandir in Ramkot at Ayodhya is the first Air – Conditioned temple of the holy town of Ayodhya and the deity, Ram Lalla is overlooking all the pilgrims going towards the Ram Janmbhoomi through the tuffen glasses. Since His installation in the temple last year, the Amawa Mandir has become the talk of the town and is now known throughout the country because of many factors including Ram Rasoi.