Christian Artist Larry Dean Madden Releases New Single “Be Still” to Radio –

Jacksonville, FL, September 11, 2023 –(– Christian artist Larry Dean Madden is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of his latest single, “Be Still,” which hit radio stations nationwide on Friday, September 8. With a unique crossover sound blending contemporary Country and Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), Madden and featured artist Gabe Pattillo deliver an uplifting and soul-stirring track that encourages listeners to embrace stillness and deeply connect with God.

“Be Still” serves as a potent reminder in our fast-paced world to slow down, find solace, and listen attentively to the voice of God. The impactful lyrics and infectious melodies are set to resonate with individuals across various faiths and musical preferences, highlighting Madden’s exceptional ability to bridge genres and touch souls through his compositions.

In anticipation of the single’s release, Madden has unveiled a captivating lyric video for “Be Still,” now available for viewing on YouTube. The lyric video visually complements the mesmerizing essence of the song, adding another dimension to the emotional experience that awaits listeners.

Moreover, fans and music enthusiasts can look forward to the launch of Larry Dean Madden’s brand-new website,, on September 8. The website will serve as a hub for all things Larry Dean Madden, providing a comprehensive platform for updates, exclusive content, tour announcements, and more. It promises to be an invaluable resource for fans eager to stay connected with the artist and delve deeper into his musical journey.

Larry Dean Madden’s dedication and passion for recording heartfelt songs that inspire and resonate with listeners place him sync in with the contemporary Country and CCM music communities. With “Be Still,” Madden once again solidifies his position as a talented crossover artist, seamlessly blending his unique musical style with a powerful message of faith, hope, and spiritual reflection.

Don’t miss out on the radio release of “Be Still” by Larry Dean Madden, featuring Gabe Pattillo. Stay tuned to your favorite radio stations and spread the word about this compelling new single. To watch the mesmerizing lyric video and learn more about Larry Dean Madden’s musical journey, please visit