Clinton Terwilliger’s Newly Released “The Valley on the Mountain” is an Enjoyable Adventure of Personal and Spiritual Discovery in the Wilds of Alaska –

Chehalis, WA, January 10, 2024 –(– “The Valley on the Mountain”: a thoughtful reflection on key life events with a twist of imaginative embellishment. “The Valley on the Mountain” is the creation of published author Clinton Terwilliger, who was raised on a Nebraska cattle ranch that was the homestead of his father. He was born in a sod house that was built in 1908.

Terwilliger shares, “How could there possibly be a valley on top of a mountain? Unless of course the whole mountain blows up and caves in upon itself, thus leaving a huge crater. In a natural or in a spiritual setting, a valley is depicted as a low place. It can be a place of tranquility and restoration. On the opposite end is the mountaintop experience, one of joy, peace, and exuberance, a feeling of being on top of the world.

“Both are experienced in this story where the writer is cast into a place of exile via a plane crash that not only separates him from those he loves, but he also receives a head wound that disorients him. He hallucinates and forgets things in general while also losing his identity and experiencing loneliness and despair to the utmost degree.

“While searching not only to try to know who he really is, but he also has a longing to know God more intimately. He is living the life in the Alaskan wilderness that he has always longed for, that mountaintop experience, but at the same time living in the turmoil of life in the valley. His quest causes him to experience God on a level unknown to him in his previous life. This is a story that portrays Christian life in a full spectrum of events.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Clinton Terwilliger’s new book will delight and amuse as readers explore Alaska through a unique lens.

Terwilliger brings readers a vibrant adventure in hopes of inspiring the spirit while imparting key life lessons through an imaginative spiritual experience.

Consumers can purchase “The Valley on the Mountain” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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