CMTpages’ “Color the Friendship Bracelets” Coloring Books Capture the Unbreakable Bond of Taylor’s Swift’s Fan Community with a “Shared Coloring Experience” for Swifties –

Weston, CT, May 22, 2024 –(– “Color the Friendship Bracelets” Coloring Books Capture the Magic of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and the Unbreakable Bond of Swiftie Community.

More than just colorful accessories, friendship bracelets have become a powerful symbol of the unbreakable bond within the Taylor Swift fan community. These intricate creations are a testament to the love, kindness, and shared joy that Swifties experience at the Eras Tour, and beyond. Now, a mother-daughter duo of devoted Swifties, Cecelia and Michele Tivey, are releasing “Color the Friendship Bracelets” and “Color the Friendship Bracelets FOR KIDS!” two coloring books that capture the magic of these iconic accessories and celebrate the heart of the Swiftie community.

“Color the Friendship Bracelets” offers a unique, shared experience for Taylor Swift fans of all ages. With over 198 pages of coloring fun, the book features intricate designs inspired by Taylor Swift’s iconic friendship bracelets from the Eras Tour. Fans can color their way through beloved song titles, iconic lyrics, and special concert chants, making it a truly engaging experience for Swifties seeking a creative outlet to celebrate their love for Taylor Swift’s music.

“Color the Friendship Bracelets FOR KIDS!” is specially designed for little hands and hearts. The large-sized pages feature a single friendship bracelet per page, with recognizable phrases and song titles from the Eras Tour, making it the perfect introduction to the world of coloring for young Swifties.

Extending the Connection Beyond the Stadium:
Cecelia and Michele created these coloring books to extend the magic of the Eras Tour and the spirit of the Swiftie community beyond the stadiums. “The friendship bracelets are so much more than just colorful beads,” says Michele. “They represent a way to connect with people who feel deeply about something you love. That is a rare sense of connection and belonging. We wanted to create a way for fans to share that feeling in their everyday lives, to celebrate their love for Taylor and connect with other Swifties.”

A Mother-Daughter Love Story:
This project is a testament to the power of embracing girlhood. Cecelia and Michele, a mother-daughter duo, have been inspired by the Eras Tour and the incredible bond that Taylor Swift has fostered with her fans. “Watching my daughter, Cecelia, feel safe and comfortable around thousands of ‘her people’ in a way one rarely sees their teenage girl is the reason I became a Swiftie,” shares Michele. “Watching her experience something that personal to her with no fear of judgement or rejection from her peers was so moving, it was something I wanted to see again and again.”

Building a Community Through Coloring:
The Tiveys are committed to reinvigorating that strong and vibrant friendship bracelet community around their books. They are hosting online live coloring parties, where fans can connect and share their creations while of course, listening to Taylor Swift’s music. They are also offering wholesalers, retailers, and bookstores the opportunity to order directly from their website ( to bring these coloring books to even more fans.

Get Your Copy Today:
“Color the Friendship Bracelets” and “Color the Friendship Bracelets FOR KIDS!” are available now on Amazon, and easily ordered from the website, Celebrate the magic of the Eras Tour, the power of friendship bracelets, and the incredible bond of the Swiftie community by coloring your own masterpiece.

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CMTpages was established in 2024 by Cecelia and Michele Tivey, mother-daughter Taylor Swift fans from Weston, Connecticut. Cece, 14, is a Freshman at Greens Farms Academy. Formerly a Director at UBS, Michele is now a coloring book aficionado. They escape their loving family (Scott Jr., Scott Sr., Pop-Pop and the adorable Ginger) to attend Taylor Swift concerts whenever humanly possible, notably: Philadelphia, n2 (May 2023), Foxboro n2 (May 2023), Los Angeles, n2 & n4 (August 2023).