Codeless Platforms Releases BPA Platform 2024 –

Poole, United Kingdom, March 15, 2024 –(– Codeless Platforms today announced the release of BPA Platform 2024, the latest version of its widely used no-code/low-code system integration and business process automation software. BPA Platform 2024 introduces a range of new features and functionality, including multiple deployment options (on-premises or iPaaS), multi-instance architecture, a Landscape Management Console, and new file management tools to import and export data to cloud-based file sharing software.

BPA Platform 2024, which can be hosted in the cloud (iPaaS) and/or on-premises, removes many of the costs usually associated with data integration and business process automation. Compatible with most databases for cloud and hybrid integration projects, it is rapid to install and configure, with the ability to easily scale requirements.

When deployed as an iPaaS solution, BPA Platform 2024’s integration connectors and automation tools are hosted, upgraded and maintained by Codeless Platforms or the channel partner, depending on the business model. This enables end users to concentrate on core business strategies without having to purchase, deploy and manage typical enterprise middleware solutions on site.

BPA Platform 2024 also introduces multi-instance architecture which enables providers to deploy BPA Platform in five minutes or less as well as host multiple instances on a single server. Each customer will then benefit from a secure, isolated database, with the capacity to apply their own accessibility protocols. This not only reduces redundancy issues, it also gives providers the ability to onboard new customers quickly and easily without any detrimental effect to other instances.

End users can also benefit from multiple instances as it allows them to create and work with development, testing (UAT) and live environments. They can also create different instances for different companies in a group structure.

A new Landscape Management Console allows providers and users to easily monitor and manage multiple servers and instances in one ecosystem. Providers can centrally receive error notifications for all customers hosted on those servers and maintain common features within and across multiple instances, such as users, tools, connections, tasks, folders, and agents.

A remote data relay system enables seamless connectivity between a specific instance in a cloud environment to an individual resource on-premises, where no direct network connection exists, including end-to-end security with double encryption using AES256 to fully protect data.

The new Import Flat File and Import XML File tools enable data files to be easily imported and exported between systems, including cloud-based file sharing software, such as Google Drive, One Drive and SharePoint.

Additionally, a new File Management Tool enables users to carry out a number of automated actions, such as moving, copying, renaming or deleting single or multiple files, from a local or network file system location or from cloud-based storage providers. It is also possible to upload and download files using a number of supported File Transfer (FTP) protocols against a nominated FTP Server.

An intuitive design and graphical user interface provide a visual representation of the connections and business processes being automated, helping to speed up the roll out and deployment. Pre-built connectors and template packs can also be imported to speed up integration projects, including eCommerce, ERP and intercompany solutions. These take minimal time to set up and deploy.

Sue Dear, Product Director, Codeless Platforms: “Building upon the success of previous versions, BPA Platform 2024 has been developed to make integration and process automation even easier for our channel partners and end users. They now have the option to deploy BPA Platform in the cloud or on-premises, and can benefit from rapid installation, increased scalability and improved security. A host of new tools also help with the management of tasks and the automation of data. We believe that BPA Platform 2024 is one of the most powerful yet cost-effective integration and business process automation solutions available on the market.”

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform 2024 capabilities include:
– Install in the cloud (iPaaS), on-premises, or a hybrid combination of both
– Import and export data to cloud-based providers
– Monitor and manage multiple servers and instances in one ecosystem
– Securely connect a specific instance in a cloud environment to an individual resource on-premises via remote data relay system
– Run tasks on servers other than the server where BPA Platform is installed via remote agents
– Quicker deployment with pre-built template packs
– Build simple micro solutions and services with two or three tasks
– End-to-end security with double encryption using AES256
– New ODBC Database Query Tool
– New File Management Tool
– Support for SQL Server 2022
– Support for OData and multi-factor authentication, including OpenID Connect, Azure Active Directory and OAuth2

BPA Platform 2024 can be downloaded from Codeless Platforms’ Partner Area, along with the white paper.