Commissioner George Mentz Wins Thought Leader & Influencer Awards While Expanding Global Charitable Service and Aspen Commission –

Colorado Springs, CO, January 19, 2024 –(– Commissioner George Mentz is now the 1st in the world to be ranked as a top 50 Global Thought Leader and Influencer in the areas of Management, FinTech, Wealth Management/Financial Planning, Project Management, HR Human Resources and B2B by various analytics bodies worldwide. Dr./Jur. Mentz also serves in office as a Government Civil Service Commissioner for uniformed officers for one of the USA’s largest jurisdictions and he is a Government Airport Commissioner for one of the largest airports in the world that also includes Peterson Space Force. Counselor Mentz recently served as a federal Commissioner for the White House and US Department of Education as Presidential Scholars Programs.

Mentz is the CEO and Board member of several companies including serving the boards of the Resource Exchange, which invests about $25 million per year in the Colorado communities helping those in need. Mentz has served advisory boards for the World Ecommerce Forum in the UK & the Global Finance Forum on Switzerland, Loyola University Alumni Board USA, and the US Military Educators Association. Professor Mentz has been a wealth management law professor for one of the top tier law schools in the USA for the last several years at #29 Texas A&M Law School, and Mentz has won several teaching awards over the last 25 years. Mentz is the International Book Award winning author publishing over 100 books and audio books where he has lectured in several nations both online and onsite. Two of Mentz’s wealth management books are on the Book Authority Top 20 Wealth Books of all time while many of Mentz’s business, leadership, and diplomacy related books have been national bestsellers on Amazon rankings.

This year, George Mentz acquired the Lordship and Manorial rights over the lands of the Ennerdale Forest Valley in Copeland, Cumbria, in England which is one of the UK’s grandest manors and sanctuaries of natural beauty including roughly 17,000 acres of rivers, glacial lakes, mountains, Anglo Saxon ruins, hiking trails, and waterfalls near Scotland. Mentz continues to work on the protection of the environment, forestry, and ancient historical sites. Mentz also serves as the Seigneur of the Fief Blondel of Guernsey which is a 1,000 year old fief territory registered with the Royal Courts and the Crown King Charles III. Mentz was recently Knighted in Prague into the Ancient Order of St. Georg Habsburg-Lorraine and Comm’r Mentz is an associate member of St. George House Windsor Castle UK.

Recently, international lawyer George Mentz has been elected and sanctioned as an international leader in the WAC Worldwide Anglican Church, which is investing in young people worldwide with educational scholarships each year. Commissioner George Mentz & The GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management ® are dedicating up to $101 million in scholarship benefits over time for: ethnic students, disabled students, veterans, and peace officers in Africa, USA, India, Asia, Arabia, and Latin America. Mentz already donated $10 Million in lifetime scholarships. Recently, George Mentz has been named the CEO of the Aspen Commission™ The Aspen Commission™ is a global educational body dedicated to cultivating a world of peace in which all people can live in harmony, sustainability, diplomacy, freedom, and prosperity.

Counselor George Mentz holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) degree from an ABA accredited law school, and earned an MBA in international business and financial planning from an AACSB accredited business school. Comm’r Mentz is also a licensed attorney and was awarded an international legal studies diploma certification, and Counselor Mentz has was conferred a DSS Doctor of Spiritual Studies by the Emerson Institute for his research and dissertation publications. Mentz has recently been appointed to several advisory board of various standards and accreditation bodies and colleges in Europe and Asia where Mentz has also received various awards including a Professorship award. Mentz previously served as an economic advisor to a winning presidential campaign and actively writes for various news media as a wealth management expert and economist. As for diversity and inclusion, Counselor Mentz is a proud Sicilian, Hispanic, EurAsian of French German, Scottish, and Irish Ancestry, who has West Asian, Dravidian, Arab, North African, and Native American DNA and he enjoys genealogy, travel, research, and tennis.