Compact Size, Large Capacity: CHiQ Space Pro Washing Machine Enhances Energy Efficiency

BERLIN, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CHiQ consistently upholds its “Smart with Style” brand philosophy, dedicated to providing consumers with stylish yet intelligent home appliances. Recently, CHiQ unveiled the enhanced Space Pro series washing machines to European consumers, focusing on Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. Emphasizing their “compact size, large capacity” feature, these products present customers with space-efficient smart home solutions.

Space Upgrade: Compact Design with Large Capacity

The washing machines, with load capacities of 8kg and 10kg, have front-to-back depths of just 52cm and 57cm respectively, maintaining the compact design of Space Pro series. Moreover, these machines feature a sleek build and a generous 530mm drum. These attributes not only ensure the product blends seamlessly into diverse living settings and optimizes space, but they also allow users to launder more garments per cycle, conserving time and energy.

Smart Technology: Intelligent Washing with Multiple Cycle Options

The one-touch smart wash is a distinctive feature of CHiQ washing machines. With this function, the machine automatically senses the load weight, adjusting the water level and temperature intelligently for optimal wash results. Furthermore, the latest Space Pro models come equipped with 15 diverse wash cycles, meeting varied customer preferences. The steam wash cycle employs high-temperature steam infusion to deeply penetrate fabric, eliminating odors and impurities for thoroughly sanitized, refreshed garments.

Elevated Efficiency: Enhancing Product Performance and Energy Savings

Aware of the growing demand for energy conservation and reduced emissions, CHiQ upgraded the Space Pro series. These updated models are now part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program. Customers can benefit from a heightened energy-efficient washing experience, reducing the burden of household energy costs. This push for superior efficiency motivates CHiQ to consistently advance its technological benchmarks, remaining committed to ongoing product innovation and refinement.

Strategic Advancements: Bolstering Growth and Appliance Performance

In 2018, CHiQ invested significantly in a 180,000-square-meter intelligent washing machine industrial park. Since its entry into the European market, CHiQ has consistently broadened its product range, strategically enhanced distribution across digital and brick-and-mortar channels and amplified its branding initiatives. From January to August 2023, the sales volume of CHiQ’s white goods business in the European market saw an impressive year-on-year growth of over 140%, and the sales revenue increased by more than 120% year-on-year.

CHiQ will continue to enhance its home appliance technology prowess and product quality, bringing more surprises and value to consumers.

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