Constance D. Johnson’s Newly Released “Forgiveness: Is It Too Late To Forgive?” is a Thought-Provoking and Empowering Message of Hope –

Hemet, CA, February 05, 2024 –(– “Forgiveness: Is It Too Late To Forgive?”: an enjoyable and poignant discussion of faith. “Forgiveness: Is It Too Late To Forgive?” is the creation of published author, Constance D. Johnson.

Johnson shares, “Author Minister Constance D. Johnson, MBA author of ‘Persevere Wrench,’ ‘Bellicans ~ An Inspiring And Quintessential Novel For Today’s Time!’ writes for your reading pleasure and enjoyment this inspirational and enlightening book ‘Forgiveness: Is It Too Late To Forgive?’ Featuring: ‘A Kindle Of A Mother’s Memoirs Of Love ~ The Cent Of A Rose ~ The Price Jesus Christ Paid!’

“This is a magnificent and splendid story of forgiveness and acceptance of the Lord. Stories can mimic real life, but the beginning and ending may not. A house, whether it’s built in an affluent area or in the slums—worms can be found underneath the paint. A tsunami can hit any house in any neighborhood where it generally occurs. Don’t disregard a person because of where he or she lives or who they may appear to be. Just as there are those, though they may be rich and believe they have everything, but if they don’t have God, they will soon come to realize that they really have nothing. Hopefully, all will come to know that they have a good and true purpose in life, and wealth can be the catalyst, or it can be shared with others who are in need.

“The ‘Holy Bible’ speaks to your spirit. It holds all truths and answers, and no doubt or ambiguity can be found in it! Many have received promotions and are prosperous, and are not believers in the Word of God, but are living a façade, because it will fade as their body will return to dust! You can live on earth and in heaven—then your life begins! But while you are here on earth, don’t put God on the backburner; put Him first in your life.

“Be aware; time is fleeting, the day of reckoning and judgement will soon come. Some may say: I need more time! But time is your enemy and not your friend, time will only ask for more time! But the good news is that love, health, protection, promotion, prosperity, and longevity can be yours, if you accept ‘God’ in your ‘heart’ today; by His ‘grace’ through your ‘faith’ in ‘Jesus Christ’ you will be ‘saved’ and receive ‘eternal life in heaven’ that your ‘soul’ will not be lost!

“Go ahead, live your life to the fullest; have a tinge of ‘hope’ and a sea of ‘faith’ to believe in God and in yourself to build your will-house—your oasis, that it will align with God’s will for your life; that you can procure a better life, and do for others along the way. No one knows the day or hour they will leave this world and enter the next. Before you enter death’s door, before ‘it’s too late,’ won’t you make the right choice while you are alive today? Repent of your sins and ask God for ‘forgiveness’ (and all others) and receive the ‘precious gift’ of salvation and eternal life in heaven through Jesus Christ! The choice is truly only yours! Miracles are God’s way of letting us know that He is here for us. You are a miracle of God! Isn’t it extraordinary to know He loves you so! Read on and see! You’ll be glad you did! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE, FORGIVE NOW! TODAY!”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Constance D. Johnsons new book can be enjoyed privately or discussed as a group as compelling lessons of faith are explored.

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