Covetrus designated primary partner for in-clinic veterinary products for hundreds of Vetcor veterinary practices across North America

PORTLAND, Maine, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Covetrus®, a global leader in animal-health technology and services, today announced the signing of a multi-year strategic alignment with Vetcor®, a community-centric veterinary services company. The expanded agreement announced today builds upon the established relationship between the two companies, designating Covetrus as the primary partner for in-clinic veterinary products to Vetcor, a collaborative network of more than 840 locations in the United States and Canada.

The majority of Vetcor practices currently utilize the Covetrus suite of industry-leading practice management solutions, which can save veterinarians valuable time and streamline in-clinic workflows. In addition, many Vetcor practices have adopted Covetrus’ prescription management software that simplifies the prescription process and helps drive client loyalty, compliance and revenue by offering pet owners the convenience of an online pharmacy and rapid home delivery.

“Covetrus is pleased to announce the continuation and expansion of our long-standing partnership with Vetcor for years to come,” said Matt Yordy, President of Covetrus North America. “Our strategic collaboration will allow us to codevelop and improve the way we service Vetcor’s practices, as well as create solutions for Vetcor to grow and drive value.”

Through its vast network of resources and expertise, Vetcor streamlines the administrative, operational, and marketing aspects of veterinary practices, allowing veterinarians to focus on delivering exceptional care to their patients. Vetcor empowers veterinary clinics to operate with clinical autonomy and nurture their unique team culture that makes them so great.

“We are thrilled about our new strategic partnership with Covetrus,” said Dallas LaRose, Chief Operating Officer at Vetcor. “Covetrus has proven itself to be a partner that delivers high-quality solutions across the animal health ecosystem. This expanded partnership aims to elevate the standards of care and well-being for pets, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment and support.”

About Covetrus

Covetrus is a global animal-health technology and services company dedicated to empowering veterinary practice partners to drive improved health and financial outcomes. We are bringing together products, services, and technology into a single platform that connects our customers to the solutions and insights they need to work best. Our passion for the well-being of animals and those who care for them drives us to advance the world of veterinary health. Covetrus is headquartered in Portland, Maine with more than 5,700 employees serving over 100,000 veterinary customers around the globe. For more information about Covetrus visit

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