Creative Biolabs: Illuminate Neurological Disease Research and Therapy Development with Customized Animal Models –

Shirley, NY, March 15, 2024 –(– Neurological diseases pose significant challenges, and researchers worldwide have long relied on animal models to understand disease mechanisms and evaluate potential therapies. Recognizing the importance of personalized solutions ever since its first step into the area, Creative Biolabs started to provide customized animal models and, in a recent release, highlighted its capabilities in models for neurological disease research, particularly the rodent models, catering to the rising research feavor.

It is common practice to employ rodent models of diseases affecting the central nervous system (CNS) in order to learn more about the underlying pathology and molecular mechanisms, identify biomarkers, evaluate the efficacy and safety of prospective new drugs, and so on. To screen compounds or conduct an in-depth analysis of the molecule’s efficacy, Creative Biolabs has developed an assortment of models of neurodegenerative diseases and neurological indications. And there is a wide variety of end-point analysis procedures available, from biochemical assays to histological and morphological evaluations.

Furthermore, Creative Biolabs introduced spinal cord injury models that closely mimic the pathophysiology and behavioral manifestations of spinal cord injuries. Utilizing the most advanced assessment systems, including motor-evoked potential, somatosensory-evoked potential, MR imaging, and monkey hindlimb score, Creative Biolabs can replicate human spinal cord injuries with accurate reproducibility.

A leading neuroscientist shared his experience working with Creative Biolabs, “The customized animal models and comprehensive behavioral tests have been instrumental in our research on neurological diseases. Not only do they accurately mimic human pathology, but they also provide a reliable and quantifiable platform for evaluating therapeutic options. The expertise and dedication of the Creative Biolabs team have truly reformed our approach to therapy development.”

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