D. Joseph Bellante’s Newly Released “Stories That Will Change Your Life” is a Thought-Provoking Discussion of Worldly Dangers and God’s Promise – PR.com


Taylor, MI, September 15, 2023 –(PR.com)– “Stories That Will Change Your Life”: a potent fiction that brings perspective to the need for awareness of our final destination. “Stories That Will Change Your Life” is the creation of published author D. Joseph Bellante.

Bellante shares, “As we go through life, we face many different challenges that the world demands of us. Microchips are now in the United States. Sweden has already implanted thousands of chips into the hands of people to make their lives more convenient. Eventually, this will lead to a currency-free world. Could this be the beginning sign of the beast the Bible foretold!

“Susan, Bob, and Henry went through life like so many of us do today, not knowing where to go in life. God gives us a certain amount of time to save ourselves from damnation like Susan and Bob. Our daily habits tell people who we are and how we live. Most of us want to go to heaven; most of us don’t want any part of it.

“The main purpose of this book is to help guide you in the right direction to be with our Lord. Follow the Ten Commandments, go to church on Sundays and holy days, receive Holy Communion, and confess your sins. Say the Holy Rosary daily. If you’re sincere, you will do it. Remember to stay away from the Seven Deadly Sin trap. God said, ‘If you love me, pick up your cross and follow me.’ This becomes hard because of the worldly corruption we live in. Even some church leaders find themselves consumed in this world—false teachers and such. Stay focused and ask God for his guidance. If you do fall back on old habits, stop and say, ‘What would Jesus do!’ God will judge you by your heart—not by words alone but by your deeds. Life is really short when you think about it. For others, it comes a little quicker. Heaven—don’t miss it for the world…

“May the Lord give you guidance and keep you in his mercy.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, D. Joseph Bellante’s new book will challenge readers to reflect on their own spiritual wellness.

Consumers can purchase “Stories That Will Change Your Life” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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