Darius Mayfield (NJ) Republican Congressional Nominee Names William Benson, Chairman of Billionaires Row, Campaign Financial Advisor – PR.com


New York, NY, June 28, 2024 –(PR.com)– William Benson, Chairman & founder of Billionaires Row & Founder of Benson Jewish Foundation, combines his efforts with New Jersey’s 12th District Republican Congressional Nominee, Darius Mayfield to further Mayfield’s political position. After a series of meetings with Darius Mayfield’s campaign over the past year, centered around New Jersey initiatives, Sir William Benson has accepted the role of campaign financial advisor. Their friendship stems over a decade, and their combined vision for New Jersey has the support of the RNC. Benson, who is known for organizing fundraisers for Mayoral Candidates, has laid down support for Republicans with similar visions. William Benson is committed to transforming lives in the inner cities and eventually across other areas. Under the leadership of his team, Sir William Benson believes it he can help raise the funds for the Mayfield campaign. Shared visions and a generational candidate make this a match made in political heaven. The Mayfield campaign said, “Mr. Mayfield and Sir William Benson have a storied history filled with success throughout New York City and NJ , and we look forward to bottling that energy and professionalism and making this one the most dynamic political upsets ever. These two gentlemen have demonstrated that against all odds, anything is possible, and they want to serve as a reminder that your dreams are never out of reach, just out of focus. We are excited for this partnership, and the reach it extends to the campaign, in communities, and in business circles thought to be unreachable for many Republican candidates.”