David G. Frantz’s Newly Released “Experiencing the Trinity…: Is One a Lonely Number?” is a Helpful Tool for Anyone Seeking a Deeper Understanding of the Holy Trinity – PR.com


Williamsburg, VA, February 19, 2024 –(PR.com)– “Experiencing the Trinity…: Is One a Lonely Number?”: a concise and scholarly study of key scripture. “Experiencing the Trinity…: Is One a Lonely Number?” is the creation of published author, David G. Frantz, a retired senior international energy and financial executive. His career involved structuring and financing utility-scale energy projects all over the world. A former US Naval officer, he served in combat during the Vietnam conflict. Originally from Warren, Pennsylvania, he now resides with his wife, Claudia, in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Frantz shares, “The author of this book endeavors to present a straightforward approach to understanding the Trinity—an approach that hopefully welcomes all to a closer relationship with the Godhead. The author is a nontheologian lay writer who writes to fellow laypersons. Among objectives, a primary focus throughout is to reduce the complexity and mystery of the Trinity by emphasizing the dynamics of the three interrelationships as well as their respective manifestations through time. This approach contrasts with many studies on the Trinity which are complicated with discussions of historical details and theological doctrines, and can be confusing to a reader who is seeking an understanding of the Trinity concept. Focusing on merely an analysis or elaborate background description of the creeds, for example, does not bring “life” to the Trinitarian experience.

“In summary, the approach is a socialization of the Trinity. By focusing on the interaction among the three personages of the Trinity, the author endeavors to bring to the reader a more personalized “living” experience for the everyday life of peaceful, reassuring awareness. Many more contemporary writers dealing with the Trinity are focusing on dynamism, relationality, and motion to bring the Trinity into a more “living, loving” force for readers. The author has adopted this prescription throughout to enhance the effectiveness of the effort for the ultimate spiritual fulfillment of the reader.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, David G. Frantz’s new book presents a clear description of the complex and often discussed Holy Trinity for believers at any stage of their spiritual journey.

Consumers can purchase “Experiencing the Trinity…: Is One a Lonely Number?” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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