DBN Group Unveils Its Ongoing Efforts on Internationalism at the SPACE International Livestock Exhibition in France


PARIS, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DBN Technology Group (“DBN Group”) the leading high-tech agricultural enterprise, made its second international appearance at France SPACE International Livestock Exhibition from September 12 to 14, marking a significant milestone in DBN Group’s ongoing efforts to enhance its international presence and reputation while fostering international collaborations and establishing itself as a key player on the global stage.

“By joining this event, the Group will closely follow the world’s industry trends, with the goal of world-class innovative research and development, and to explore technological and innovation application, improve quality, and serve customers with the purpose of creating the first brand in animal health management,” said Dr. Gao Yanchun, President of ZhaoFengHua Group and Director of the Research Institute.

DBN Group seized the opportunity to demonstrate its significant strides made in expanding its global footprint to the thousands of visitors and nearly hundreds of potential partners by setting up its subsidiary in the Netherlands and having Dr. Aalt A. Dijkhuizen, a former President of WUR, to join the Group as a strategic advisor to further strengthen its international strategy.

DBN Group demonstrated its unwavering commitment to showcasing its capabilities, innovative achievements, and advancements in various agricultural sectors, which cover all of its industries, namely animal nutrition, animal health & vaccines, breeding, seeds, and digital agriculture.

On top of that, the company highlighted the recognition it has garnered for its technical excellence. The group shared its accomplishments, including prestigious awards received for its contributions to the agricultural sector. These accolades underscore the Group’s commitment to driving forward advancements in agriculture. DBN Group has also been actively involved in three core industries so far, namely, feed production, pig farming, and animal welfare, which represent key components of the Group’s commitment to agricultural excellence.

“The Group’s participation in this exhibition is based on industry internationalization and product branding; with a global vision and industry perspective, it communicates with the world and creates a future together,” said Dr. Zhao Yarong, the Chief Science Officer of DBN Group.

The company has successfully established sub-companies in Brazil and Argentina, solidifying its presence in South America. The Brazilian wholly-owned subsidiary, DBNBC Brazil, with its unique distinction, is qualified to independently develop transgenic products in Brazil.  This landmark development signifies DBN Group’s capability to conduct scientific research and development, navigate the regulatory landscape, and drive the commercialization of GMOs autonomously with the issued CQB certificate in Brazil .

With its strong focus on animal nutrition, pig farming, animal health, crop technology, organic food, and digital agriculture, DBN Group has solidified its position as an industry leader in recent times. In 2022, the company made lots of impressive achievements, including a market capitalization of €3.9 billion, 30,000+ employees, €94 million invested in research and development, and a staggering 41.83 million kg of crop seeds sold.

For more information about DBN Group, please visit https://www.dbn.com.cn/en/home.

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