DecenterAds Unveils Cutting-Edge Features of DSP Evolve Programmatic Ad Campaigns –

New York, NY, June 08, 2024 –(– DecenterAds DSP is an entirely new approach for brands, companies, service providers, and product owners seeking unparalleled performance and control in their advertising endeavors. With a commitment to transparency, customizability, and innovation, DecenterAds DSP offers a suite of top-tier features designed to elevate advertising strategies to new heights.

DecenterAds DSP integrates new advertising technologies into a user-friendly solution, providing access to exclusive data, premium inventory, and robust optimization tools. With their extensive network of 55 leading SSPs and 16 esteemed third-party data partners, advertisers gain complete insights to drive campaign success.

DecenterAds DSP is designed to cater to a wide range of advertising strategies. Whether clients prefer hands-on control or leverage our expertise through a managed service, DecenterAds DSP offers the flexibility to adapt to every unique need. Each partner can choose from various deal types, including guaranteed, private auction, open auction, and preferred deals, to align with specific campaign objectives.

DecenterAds’ latest DSP upgrade presents fresh opportunities:

+55 inventory providers

LiveRamp DMP

Major SSPs

Exceptionally high demand

All ad types

Advanced optimization

Data transparency

Notably, the platform is now open to agencies of any scale and direct advertisers, fostering equitable access for all.

“At DecenterAds, we’re all about making advertising better for our clients. Our updated DSP enhances our service offerings and reaffirms our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions in the programmatic advertising space. We are committed to empowering our partners with the tools they need to achieve exceptional campaign outcomes,” -Angelina, Head of Business Development at DecenterAds.

Сurrently, DecenterAds DSP provides access to a vast network of digital ad inventory worldwide, supporting advertising across all device types and offering programmatic direct and private deals for premium, transparent inventory.