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San Diego, CA, June 01, 2024 –(PR.com)– Dice White’s journey as an artist is as colorful and complex as his paintings. Growing up in Rockford, Illinois, he faced a series of daunting challenges that shaped his unique artistic voice. From the tender age of 7, Dice moved through more than seven different foster homes, many of which were abusive. Amidst this chaos, he began battling psychosis and finding solace in art. His life took another turn when he reunited with his mother, only to witness his stepfather, a guiding figure, succumb to cancer. This loss, followed by the death of his biological father within five months, led his mother into a spiral of alcoholism.

The family’s stability crumbled as his mother lost her job, plunging them into homelessness. Dice, his siblings, and his mother endured profound hardship, including the traumatic experience of witnessing his uncle’s murder. Seeking refuge, Dice lived with various relatives, each bringing their own challenges. His time with Aunt Lidia, a crack addict, exposed him to harsh living conditions. Later, an aunt with schizophrenia took him in, but this respite was short-lived. A stay with a cousin involved in a gangster lifestyle further complicated his young life, prompting his mother to send him to an aunt in Ohio. It was here that Dice’s battle with psychosis intensified, revealing the depth of mental illness in his family.

Returning to Rockford, Dice’s relationship with his mother deteriorated due to her alcoholism, leading to violent conflicts and ultimately being kicked out. Homeless, he found temporary shelter with friends before seeking refuge in a shelter. Despite these overwhelming odds, Dice focused on finishing high school and finding a job. Throughout these turbulent times, art remained his steadfast companion and means of expression. Now, as he prepares to showcase his latest creations at the SD Art Advisory gallery on June 22, Dice invites us to witness his journey. Each piece in his collection is a testament to his resilience, transforming personal struggles into powerful, moving art that speaks of strength, hope, and the boundless possibilities of the human spirit.