Does a College Degree Matter? The Diversion Center Launches a New Book and Curriculum: “How to be Successful with or Without a College Degree,” by Derek Collins –

Atlanta, GA, June 14, 2024 –(– In the face of ongoing debates over the value of a college degree amidst rising student loan debt, low wages, and economic instability, many are questioning the traditional pathways to success. With talks of a looming recession, inflation, and a poor economy, the decision to pursue higher education has become more complex and daunting.

Historically, obtaining a college degree was seen as a surefire route to a prosperous future. However, for countless individuals, it has morphed into a path leading to overwhelming debt and disillusionment. As a result, many people find themselves at a crossroads, uncertain of how to achieve their goals and aspirations without a clear roadmap.

Derek Collins, who has personally experienced the struggles of underemployment, unemployment, addiction, and insecurity, has penned a transformative book and curriculum titled “How to be Successful With or Without a College Degree.” This groundbreaking guide is designed for those who feel lost and are seeking direction in their journey toward success.

Collins, a Master’s Degree holder in Education, faced significant hardships after graduation. In a desperate bid to make ends meet, he sold bottled water at freeway exits, illegally sold parking at events, and took on various side hustles. His turning point came when he discovered crucial insights that laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey. Collins went on to hire staff and establish multiple outpatient facilities, providing counseling services for substance abuse, anger management, and personal development.

The book and curriculum, “How to be Successful With or Without a College Degree” encapsulates Collins’ invaluable experiences and lessons. It aims to guide individuals in recovery and inspire others to believe in their potential and achieve success, regardless of their educational background.

The release of this impactful book and curriculum is scheduled for July 1, 2024. To pre-order copies or for more information, please contact Megan at 404-781-7468.

About Derek Collins
Derek Collins is a successful entrepreneur and author who has transformed his life through resilience and determination. He is dedicated to helping others overcome their challenges and realize their full potential. Through his curriculum, Collins provides practical advice and strategies to achieve success without being confined to traditional educational pathways.

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