DogTrove Celebrates US National Pet Day by Offering Free Custom Pet Pages with Every Purchase –

Casper, WY, April 03, 2024 –(– Pet owners across the US and Canada can now showcase their beloved pets’ unique personalities through a custom pet page. DogTrove, known for custom pet products, today announced a special offer in celebration of US National Pet Day on April 11. Customers can unlock the opportunity to create a free personalized pet page dedicated to their furry companions with every purchase of a custom product from the DogTrove website. This exclusive offer aims to provide pet owners with a platform to celebrate and immortalize the bond they share with their pets on this special day.

“We are excited to offer this limited period opportunity to pet owners in the US and Canada on the National Pet Day,” said Ritu Kant Ojha, Chief Marketing Officer at DogTrove. “Creating a custom pet page is a wonderful way for pet owners to showcase their furry companions and connect with fellow animal lovers. At DogTrove, we understand the deep bond between pets and their owners, and we are committed to helping them celebrate and cherish these special relationships.” By ordering any custom product from the site, customers will receive complimentary access to create a personalized space where they can share photos, stories, and special moments with their furry friends.

At DogTrove, selecting the perfect custom pet product is an effortless and immersive journey. Customers begin by choosing from an extensive variety of custom pet portraits, cozy pillows, stylish blankets, and unique phone covers. They then peruse the gallery for an artwork style that resonates with their preferences. Upon finding the ideal match, customers upload their pet’s photo and place their order.

Following this, Dogtrove’s gifted artists take over, infusing each piece with creativity to vividly capture each pet’s personality. The products are meticulously crafted, merging artistic finesse with supreme quality materials. This creation is subsequently sent to the printing facility for the final touches. Once finalized, the bespoke pet product is dispatched directly to the customer, arriving ready to be treasured. By opting for Dogtrove, pet parents not only acquire a cherished item but also become part of a community of pet enthusiasts who share stories, connections, and the collective joy pets bring into their lives.

The process of creating a free pet page on DogTrove is seamless. Upon completing a purchase of any custom product, customers will receive a link to a form where they can provide details about their pet, including a personal note, why their pet is special, and uploading delightful pictures. The dedicated team at DogTrove will then craft a personalized pet page based on the information provided, capturing the essence and uniqueness of each pet.

“There are no hidden costs associated with creating a free pet page on DogTrove. Our offer is transparent and straightforward – simply order any custom product from our site, and you’ll unlock the opportunity to share your pet’s story in a personalized and meaningful way,” added Ojha.

DogTrove’s commitment to excellence extends beyond just offering free pet pages. With a world-class printing facility that ensures top-quality products made in the USA, customers can trust in the craftsmanship and care that goes into every item. From custom pet portraits to cozy pillows and stylish blankets, DogTrove’s products are designed to showcase pets’ personalities and create lasting memories for pet owners.

“We pride ourselves on our quick and friendly customer service and our dedication to delivering products that reflect the love and joy pets bring into our lives. Every item created at DogTrove is a testament to our passion for pets and our commitment to providing pet owners with unique, high-quality products,” stated Ojha.

As an emerging brand in immortalizing pets through art and day-to-day essentials, DogTrove continues to set the standard for personalized pet products that capture the essence of each pet’s individuality. With a seamless ordering process and a team of talented artists and craftsmen, DogTrove ensures that every customer receives a bespoke product that not only celebrates their pet but also embodies the love and connection shared between pets and their owners.

The team at DogTrove is ready to assist customers throughout the process, from selecting the perfect product to creating a personalized pet page that reflects the unique bond shared with their furry companions.

National Pet Day, celebrated annually on April 11 since its inception in 2006 by Colleen Paige, shines a light on the immeasurable joy pets bring into our lives and underscores the urgent need for animal adoption. It emerges against the backdrop of a booming pet economy, set to grow from $320 billion to nearly $500 billion by 2030, with the U.S. at its helm. This day invites us to acknowledge the profound emotional, social, and health benefits pets offer, from reducing loneliness and stress to enhancing cognitive function.