Donald R. Evans’s Newly Released “The Spirits of the Dead Aren’t amongst Us! Then Who Are?” is an Engaging Discussion of the Unseen –

Houston, TX, November 21, 2023 –(– “The Spirits of the Dead Aren’t amongst Us! Then Who Are?”: a gripping reminder of the realities of the battle between good and evil. “The Spirits of the Dead Aren’t amongst Us! Then Who Are?” is the creation of published author Donald R. Evans.

Evans shares, “When speaking of the spirit world, people in general tend to think of the deceased for whatever reason when speaking of spirits. Whenever the spirit world is mentioned, it hasn’t anything to do with the deceased nor deceased loved ones.

“Scripture says in Ecclesiastes 9:5, ‘As for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all!’

“Also 1 Corinthians 5:3 says, ‘Absent in body, but present in spirit with the Lord!’

“Then who are pretending to be spirits of the dead, masquerading as spirits of the deceased or deceased loved ones? Wicked spirits or demons? They are the angelic sons of God who joined Satan in rebellion against God.

“Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels or angelic sons of God fought against the dragon who fought back with his one-third of angels or angelic sons of God but was defeated and cast out of heaven, down to earth, never allowed to stay in heaven any longer. They are now on the earth, coexisting with us as spirit persons or demons.

“Demons are invisible wicked spirit persons sometimes called fallen angels, having superhuman power. The first to make himself one was Satan, the devil, who became the ruler of other angelic sons of God, who also made themselves demons.

“Though restrained from materializing, they still have great power and influence over the minds and lives of mankind, even having the ability to enter and possess humans and animals as well as to use inanimate things such as houses.

“These invisible, wicked spirit persons, known as demons, have the ability to enter humans and possess their bodies to dwell in as their own, and control individuals to perform their will and purposes, which is to harm, steal, kill, or destroy. Neither age nor gender are exceptions.

“World, demons are the culprits, pretending and masquerading to be spirits of the deceased or loved ones, to spread the sickness and advance the idea that the dead are still living on the earth!”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Donald R. Evans’s new book will challenge readers to reflect on preconceived notions of what occurs in the spirit realm.

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