Doug Gilworth’s Newly Released “The Travelers’ Timetable to the Tribulation Transition” is a Compelling Discussion of Prophetic Scripture –

Unionville, MO, December 19, 2023 –(– “The Travelers’ Timetable to the Tribulation Transition”: a potent reminder of the need for a return to God. “The Travelers’ Timetable to the Tribulation Transition” is the creation of published author, Doug Gilworth, a lifelong student and educator of the Bible.

Gilworth shares, “Warning! Warning! Warning!

“Major changes are imminent at the door. This is not a drill. Don’t poke your head in the sand.

“Urgent preparation is required for the soon-coming tribulation transition. Souls who are lost should trust the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christians should draw closer to God.

“During this time of trouble, the human life span will increase, but this will be offset by cataclysmic disasters and torment. War, multiple massive earthquakes and huge volcano explosions, poisoning of vast water supplies, darkness, drought, and oppressive heat shall be overwhelming.

“God’s wrath produces a substantive reconstruction of earth but causes the level of comfort to progressively deteriorate throughout these unknown number of years.

“Amid the death and destruction on earth, many grand and marvelous events transpire in heaven.

“When this transition period ends, it ushers in a veritable utopia on earth for about one thousand years.

“Also presented is the concept every church leader needs to know: Stewards continue on earth several years after the Church is completed and taken to heaven.

“Pastors, deacons, teachers, song leaders may be left behind, not because they are lost souls but to witness for the Savior through much of the tribulation period.

“And Stewards are not taken out with the Church because their group has not run its course. The finale of their forming will be about six and a half years after the beginning of the tribulation.

“Herein is a step-by-step survey of events described in the book of Revelation, given in sequential order, and with possible times linked to many happenings.

“Knowledge of the time frame of events given in this book are imperative for navigating the treacherous terrain of the tribulation transition on route to glorious transformation and avoiding judgment.

“Kingdoms of heaven are at hand!


Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Doug Gilworth’s new book brings perspective to key moments and turning points related to judgment day.

Consumers can purchase “The Travelers’ Timetable to the Tribulation Transition” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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