Douglas Robert Bodem’s Newly Released “The Messiah Chronicles Part 1 From First Light to Darkness” is a Captivating Journey Through Creation and Spiritual Warfare –

Roebuck, SC, May 31, 2024 –(– “The Messiah Chronicles Part 1 From First Light to Darkness”: an intriguing journey through the annals of time, from the moment of creation to the present-day battleground of spiritual warfare. “The Messiah Chronicles Part 1 From First Light to Darkness” is the creation of published author, Douglas Robert Bodem, whose background includes teaching middle school in Malaysia, being married to his sweetheart of over fifty-one years, becoming an ordained minister, producing a weekly Christian radio program, ministering through the streets of Istanbul and the jungles of Peru, registered with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, Manpower Training and Development Manager for CIBA-Geigy Pharmaceuticals (NOVARTIS), and working disaster relief and recovery for twelve years with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Bodem shares, “Follow Wisdom as he narrates the creation of the universe with two angels at his side. The miraculous touch of God’s word flows out, making everything we see come into existence. It is now that the Creator starts the cosmic clock of time. Witness the creation of the most beautiful and enticing of all angels called MERIBEL (Satan) as it transforms into a false jealous god, attempting to create a “perfect” universe of its own. See angels fall and join in that false teaching, following their powerfully built and beautiful master. Your guide Wisdom reveals evil entering the world of humans, wreaking havoc along mankind’s history with stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Jesus, Joan of Arc, and the US Civil War—eventually up to the present day. The fallen angels called Mites then prepare for what they think will be an eternity of keeping humans from knowing the truth about their Creator. After being indoctrinated and assigned to an area of planet Earth known as the Bible Belt, two little Mites attempt to destroy the faith of humans they contact. News reaches the duo of a galaxy-wide symposium by their dark leadership. They become concerned not having reached their assigned misguidance quota preventing humans converting to the truth by accepting the God of the universe. Our two Mites are fearful of the consequences of this meeting. Their trip to this conference proves most eventful when MERIBEL himself shows up.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Douglas Robert Bodem’s new book offers a unique perspective on biblical events and spiritual warfare, inviting readers to delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe and the divine plan for humanity.

Consumers can purchase “The Messiah Chronicles Part 1 From First Light to Darkness” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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