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Philomath, OR, November 21, 2023 –(PR.com)– Durable GreenBed, a leading manufacturer of high-quality garden bed kits, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newly redesigned product line for commercial and private use. There are three key benefits to the customer – environmentally friendly packaging, elegant & fresh design and a simplified installation process.

The upgraded garden bed kits now come in a single, convenient package. This is an environmental upgrade reducing the amount of packaging waste significantly and reducing errors in the shipping process. Single shipments ensure that everything required for a flourishing garden can be easily delivered and assembled. This innovation simplifies the gardening process, providing an unmatched level of convenience for gardening enthusiasts. The new design is estimated to take 70% less time to prepare and assemble.

One of the notable enhancements in the redesigned garden bed kits is the introduction of an elegant new look. The sleek design adds sophistication to any outdoor space, seamlessly blending with a variety of aesthetics and landscapes. They have two new cornerstones to their new design: interchangeable trim pieces & new low profile flat fasteners. The trim will have two color choices, Garnet Red and Weathered Gray – while trim caps will be Iron Horse Gray. The low profile fasteners are a significant improvement from their past lugnuts. Whether it’s a backyard garden, rooftop oasis, or urban balcony, the new Durable GreenBed kits enhance the visual appeal of the surroundings. Check out the new model here (https://durablegreenbed.com/new-model/).

Moreover, Durable GreenBed has focused on making the setup process even easier for gardeners of all skill levels. With intuitive instructions and improved assembly mechanisms, customers can now effortlessly assemble the garden bed kits in no time. The simplified setup ensures that both beginners and experienced gardeners can enjoy the process of creating their green havens without any unnecessary hassle.

Durable GreenBed’s new design retains their core values of durability, eco-friendliness, non-toxicity, and ease of assembly. Durable GreenBed’s garden bed kits are still proudly manufactured in the USA. The company remains committed to creating sustainable gardening solutions that contribute to a healthier planet while enhancing the joy and satisfaction of cultivating one’s own garden. Durable GreenBed’s new design & packaging will allow them to stabilize costs for all customers and eliminate the need to increase price to compensate for increased production & shipping costs.

“We are excited to introduce our newly redesigned garden bed kits, which offer a host of enhancements to provide the ultimate gardening experience,” said Thomas Van Denend, Founder at Durable GreenBed. “By incorporating feedback from our valued customers, we have optimized our products to deliver even greater convenience, elegance, and ease of use. With everything fitting into one package, setting up a thriving garden has never been this straightforward.”

Durable GreenBed’s redesigned garden bed kits are now available for purchase on their website, durablegreenbed.com. All in all, the new design improves alignment of the side walls with the structural straps Improves alignment of the trim with the plug in trim caps. Customers can explore the range of options and choose the perfect kit to suit their gardening needs.

About Durable GreenBed
Durable GreenBed is a raised garden bed company founded on the idea that garden beds should be non-toxic, durable and beautiful. By utilizing the unique properties of Faswall’s building block technology the Durable GreenBed team has developed a garden bed kit that is eco-friendly, easy to assemble, non-toxic, long lasting and manufactured in the USA. Garden bed kits come in several different heights and sizes, including tiered kits for a unique aesthetic in your garden or an ideal parent-child partner gardening experience.