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Philomath, OR, November 21, 2023 –(PR.com)– Durable GreenBeds, a renowned leader in sustainable gardening solutions, made an unforgettable mark at the New York State Fair this past fall, where they introduced their latest design features to an eager and eco-conscious audience. The event followed the conclusion of the Fair, an event that continuously underscores its commitment to showcasing the best of New York State agriculture and providing a memorable entertainment destination for families.

Key Statistics Reflect the Fair’s Vibrancy and Durable GreenBeds’ Impact

The 2023 edition of the New York State Fair drew a substantial attendance of 932,699 patrons, solidifying its status as a hub of entertainment and a premier platform for celebrating New York State agriculture, food, and beverage.

Durable GreenBeds seized the opportunity to align with the Fair’s mission by presenting their latest design features at the event:

Durable GreenBeds’ customizable trim options were a showstopper, combining aesthetics and sustainability. Crafted from durable and eco-friendly materials, these trims not only enhance the visual appeal of gardens but also serve as a testament to long-term durability and a commitment to eco-conscious living.

The introduction of variable sizes, designed in collaboration with community-driven organizations, demonstrated Durable GreenBeds’ passion for creating customized solutions that meet the unique needs of diverse gardening spaces. This addition perfectly echoed the Fair’s inclusive and family-friendly ethos.

Fairgoers were captivated by the sustainable essence of Durable GreenBeds, reinforcing the importance of eco-conscious gardening in today’s world.

A Showcase of Sustainability by Durable GreenBeds

Durable GreenBeds’ exhibit at the New York State Fair was a shining example of the company’s dedication to sustainability and innovation. The Fair provided an ideal platform for them to demonstrate how their latest design features marry aesthetics with long-term durability, making gardens not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

“In anecdotes and statistics alike, we measure the success of the fair. We see it in the smiles, the animal selfies, the captivating new Dinosaur exhibit, the sumptuous meals enjoyed, and the thrills experienced on The Midway,” noted Richard A. Ball, Commissioner of the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Durable GreenBeds contributed to these smiles, offering fairgoers a glimpse of a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing gardening future. Their presence at the Fair reinforced the company’s dedication to creating innovative solutions for sustainable gardening that cater to a wide range of gardeners, from beginners to experts.

A Grateful Acknowledgment and an Invitation to Learn More

As the New York State Fair wrapped up, the Department of Agriculture and Markets and the State Fair division expressed their gratitude to Durable GreenBeds, patrons, state agencies, partners, and all contributors for making the 2023 Fair an unforgettable success.

Durable GreenBeds invites the community to explore more about their innovative gardening solutions and eco-friendly practices. For more information and to join the conversation on sustainable gardening, visit their website and social media platforms.

About Durable GreenBeds
Durable GreenBed is a raised garden bed company founded on the idea that garden beds should be non-toxic, durable and beautiful. By utilizing the unique properties of Faswall’s building block technology the Durable GreenBed team has developed a garden bed kit that is eco-friendly, easy to assemble, non-toxic, long lasting and manufactured in the USA. Garden bed kits come in several different heights and sizes, including tiered kits for a unique aesthetic in your garden or an ideal parent-child partner gardening experience.