Dyness Showcases Latest Energy Storage Solutions at RE+ Exhibition


LAS VEGAS, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dyness, a distinguished innovator in energy storage technology, demonstrated its commitment to full-scenario energy storage solutions at the prestigious RE+ 2023 exhibition during 12-14 in September. Located at the booth of 5125, Dyness unveiled a range of cutting-edge storage products, taking center stage during the event.

As the largest clean energy fair in North America, RE+ offers a prime networking platform to facilitate communication between attendees and exhibitors. During the exhibition, Dyness captivated visitors with an impressive booth, featuring interactive displays and a roundtable forum. The exclusive residential storage products Orion Series and Powerbox-US, as well as the portable storage product series, also attracted a lot of visitors’ attention due to their technological innovations and excellent performance.

The Orion Series, with an all-in-one system, offers unparalleled flexibility with its modular design and expandable capacity from 9.9kWh to 19.9kWh, helps users to realize power sufficiency. Meanwhile, it can meet different installation requirements, displaying types of physical combination forms, minimizing the space needs, which satisfy complicated conditions, like garage walls or basements.

Through a mobile application, Dyness also provides sophisticated remote management and real-time monitoring capabilities. Users can conveniently control and monitor their energy storage system from anywhere, optimizing energy usage and staying informed about system performance.

Another notable product series was the Portable, including the E-lapis and E-Pearl. These lightweight products provide a reliable power supply for outdoor scenarios. The portable storage products enable simultaneous charging of multiple electronic devices. Its durability, safety features, and support for diverse charging methods, such as solar input and car charging, make it an ideal choice for outdoor activities and emergencies.

Dyness also hosted a roundtable forum during the event, attended by Dyness CEO Mr. Yang Liu, which featured industry leaders, experts, and customer representatives discussing the trends of the North American energy storage market, and how Dyness can explore more possibilities for customers with diverse energy storage solutions.

At the exhibition, Dyness outlined its forthcoming product roadmap and announced intentions to release further highly-integrated and intelligent energy storage system that empower individuals and communities with reliable and environmentally-friendly power sources in North America.With innovative energy storage solutions available, Dyness is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of this region and continue its rapid growth within the storage industry.