Dzinly Streamlines Home Renovation Design and Build Process Solving Long Standing Industry Challenge for Contractors

DETROIT, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dzinly, a leading innovator in exterior home design, today announced the expansion of its home improvement technology platform to meet the unique needs of contractors and builders. Through Dzinly’s professional virtual renderings, contractors can experiment with popular building materials to bring clarity to finished products and eliminate the time-consuming and frustrating materials selection process homeowners endure when constructing or renovating their home.

Once homeowners land on the perfect design, contractors, and builders can move from inspiration to implementation quickly and cost-effectively through Dzinly’s easy-to-use dashboard. They can access comprehensive architectural plans, precise building material quantities, construction specifications, additional qualified contractor resources and financing options.

“Mixing up textures and different materials is an exterior design trend that continues to gain momentum,” according to Dzinly co-founder Jackie Mosher. “The sheer number of options can be exciting but also overwhelming for homeowners who often struggle with visualizing what siding, brick, concrete, steel, stone, and wood accents will look like on their home. Technology driven exterior design is changing that by empowering contractors and homeowners alike so they can move forward confidently.”

The building material selection process is an issue that has plagued the exterior home renovation industry for years. The use of small samples of materials that look great on their own oftentimes do not translate to the desired aesthetic homeowners seek.

Through its unique AI capabilities, Dzinly instantly identifies every external component of a house through an uploaded photo and provides realistic renderings where designers, architects, homeowners, real estate professionals, and now contractors and builders can easily experiment with paint color palettes, architectural upgrades, and lighting in addition to building materials.    

“The success of my projects increases exponentially when I use Dzinly, from working with homeowners during the initial planning stage to project completion and all the tasks in-between,” said Greg LaMarco of LaMarco Homes. “The benefits can be quantified through cost and time-savings as well as by the intangibles of improved collaboration with my clients and their satisfaction with the end result.”

About Dzinly

Dzinly offers a virtual exterior home design experience that is unparalleled in the industry. Through its technology-driven platform and unique AI capabilities, Dzinly Designer instantly identifies every external component of a house through an uploaded photo and provides homeowners with realistic renderings where they can easily experiment with paint palettes recommended by designers they trust. Dzinly’s AI perfects color accuracy, allows for mass scalability, and can instantly provide measurement and quantity specifications.