Elder Law Attorney, Minerva Vazquez Santiago, Esq. & Expert on Senior Living Strategies, Star Bradbury, Join for a 3-Part Podcast Series on “Quality Aging” – PR.com


High Springs, FL, February 10, 2024 –(PR.com)– Minerva brings real-life planning experience from home to the office. As a mother to 2 children with special needs, she has learned how to approach planning in a way that leads quality of life, quality care and peaceful transitions. Legally Remote, PLLC, founded by Minerva, is also a Personal Family Lawyer® trained lawyer. Therefore, the firm is not your typical Elder Law & Estate Planning Law Firm.

Star, a Senior Living expert, has helped thousands of families make educated and informed decisions as they navigate the world of senior living and senior healthcare. Her 25 years’ experience helps families make a plan that promotes independence and focuses on the optimal quality of life for their loved ones.

This 3-part series will cover a wide variety of topics and perspectives from both a legal and caregiver viewpoint. Minerva and Star will address questions such as, “What is Medicaid Planning?” “How do I qualify for Medicaid if I make too much money?” “How can adult children help their parents to plan ahead without being bossy?” and “When is it simply too late to plan?” – These and many more questions will be discussed in a relaxed setting between two professionals, mothers, caregivers and experts.