Emerging Artist Nicole Simmons Launches “Transformation Collection”: A Reflection of Personal Rebirth Through Art – PR.com


Harrisburg, PA, February 03, 2024 –(PR.com)– Last year marked a pivotal moment for Nicole Simmons, both personally and artistically. After nearly a decade of struggling with restrictive eating habits, Simmons embarked on a life-changing journey that not only led to a healthier relationship with food but also inspired a profound evolution in her art. The “Transformation Collection,” is comprised of pieces created on both paper and canvas using mixed media, oils, and acrylics. Each piece features a butterfly motif, symbolizing this personal and artistic metamorphosis.

“Using the butterfly in my work was a deeply meaningful decision. They was a significant part of my childhood when I spent hours catching and identifying different species with my best friend. Moreover, the butterfly, with its symbolism of hope, playfulness, and metamorphosis, resonated deeply with the themes of change that were so prevalent in my life last year. In hindsight, the symbolism feels even more poignant, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of transformation that defined my year,” says Simmons.

The collection’s centerpiece, “Breaking Free in Flight,” features butterflies over an abstract landscape, representing Simmons’ emergence from her past to a state of renewal and strength. Through her art, Simmons explores the themes of change, growth, and the powerful link between mental and physical health.
This transformative experience has not only reshaped Simmons’ approach to her art but has also ignited a passion for encouraging others facing similar challenges. “My journey through 2023 was about more than reclaiming my health; it was about rediscovering my voice as an artist and using that voice to inspire hope and resilience in others,” says Simmons.

People can view this collection on Simmons’ website: https://www.nicolesimmonsart.com/transformation-collection.

Company Details: Nicole Simmons Art LLC is dedicated to creating artworks that resonate with themes of personal growth, transformation, and the beauty of the human spirit. Simmons’ work has been celebrated for its emotional depth, vibrant use of color, and the ability to inspire and connect with audiences worldwide.

Nicole is a self-taught artist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, started painting in 2014. She enjoys the creative process, often experimenting with colors and texture. Since beginning to exhibit her work in 2021, Nicole has participated in shows like “Figuratively Speaking” and the Gallery Walk with the Art Association of Harrisburg, as well as group exhibitions at HIVE Artspace and a solo show at Wheel of Light Studio. Her work has earned recognition, including a bronze award in the Faces 2022 competition with Camelback Gallery and a feature in the 10th quarterly issue of Circle Magazine in 2024. Nicole’s art is represented by Farwell Gallery in McFarland, WI, and Wheel of Light Studio in Halifax, PA.