Empowering Small Businesses: Women-Owned Ventures Lead Advocacy Efforts in Washington, D.C., with Meta Business Leadership Network – PR.com


Seattle, WA, May 23, 2024 –(PR.com)– The event took place in Washington, D.C which included Diane Najm, Founder/CEO PhotoPad for Business, Erin Alexander, CEO Finally Social, Valarie L. Harris, CEO Varris Marketing, Heather Saulsbury, Co-Founder/CEO PNWBUSHCRAFT and Vimbainashe Madya, CEO Vimbai Madya.Together, these businesses wielded their collective voice to champion small enterprises, sharing insights into the challenges and opportunities arising from digital transformation. Vimbainashe Madya emphasized the potency of data-driven advertising for small businesses, citing its ability to enhance targeting and bolster profitability. However, she cautioned against excessive restrictions on data usage, which could impede growth.

Furthermore, Diane Najm expressed, “As a female founder and advocate for small businesses, especially women-owned businesses, “that any proposed legislation should prioritize small businesses, especially micro businesses such as ‘main street mom and pop shops’ which face different challenges than larger corporations.”

During the event, These Women Business Owners from Washington State engaged with esteemed Washington State representatives, Senator Maria Cantwell and Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, delving into the intricate ways that digital transformations and privacy concerns impact our businesses. All Women owned Businesses seized the opportunity to discuss potential policy adjustments crucial to shaping the trajectory of small business success and growth. Erin Alexander, reflecting on her experience, highlighted the inevitability of challenges for small business owners, particularly as a woman-owned minority entrepreneur of American Indian descent, navigating unique obstacles. Furthermore, Valerie Harris underscored the importance of addressing the advertising cost gap between small and large businesses. She expressed concerns that removing targeted ads for small businesses could hinder their ability to reach their audience and remain competitive in the digital landscape. Reflecting on the experience, Heather Saulsbury remarked, “Engaging with Senator Cantwell’s office was truly remarkable. We had the chance to share our family’s journey as a small rural business in Whatcom County, highlighting the potential implications of forthcoming legislation on our online customer outreach. It was an invaluable exchange.” Participating in the Meta Business Leadership Network event was a unique opportunity for all to share their story and connect with other business owners across the United States. Small businesses are the heart of the communities, and all proud to be a representative for the small business community at this prestigious Meta Business Leadership Network 2024 in DC event.

As Women Owned Businesses collectively are grateful to Meta for providing a platform to amplify the importance of small businesses in Washington State communities, economy, and society as a whole.

Contact Information:
Healther Saulsbury, C0-Founder/CEO PNWBUSHCRAFT PNWBUSHCRAFT@pnwbushcraft.com
Diane Najm, Founder/CEO PhotoPad,Inc./diane@photopad.co
Valerie Harris, CEO Varris marketing/valarieharris@varrismarketing.com
Erin Alexander, CEO Finally Social/ erin@finallysocial.comv
Vimbainashe Madya, CEO Vimbai Madya/ info@vimbaimadya.com,