EnGenius, WAV and MBSI WAV Join Forces in Strategic Distribution Partnerships


COSTA MESA, Calif., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EnGenius Technology, a global leader in cloud-powered connectivity solutions, is thrilled to announce strategic distribution partnerships with WAV and Canadian affiliate MBSI WAV, prominent value-added distributors of Wi-Fi, networking, wireless broadband and fiber solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the accessibility of EnGenius products and provide customers with top-tier networking solutions across industries throughout the United States and Canada. 

This partnership presents a myriad of benefits for both EnGenius, WAV and MBSI WAV, who have clear objectives in this new strategic alliance. EnGenius gains access to an extensive distribution network of service providers and integrators, enabling its products to reach new markets and customers. Simultaneously, WAV and MBSI WAV benefit from EnGenius’ industry-leading technology, bolstering its comprehensive range of networking offerings. 

“We are excited to make this partnership with WAV and MBSI WAV, companies that share our commitment to delivering cutting-edge networking solutions,” stated Eric Chen, Director of Sales and Marketing at EnGenius Technology. “Together, we can provide a wider range of customers with reliable and innovative connectivity solutions, including our latest Wi-Fi 7 and Cloud-enabled solutions.” 

WAV and MBSI WAV are equally enthusiastic about this strategic partnership. “EnGenius’ robust portfolio of wireless communication products aligns perfectly with our mission to offer high-quality solutions to our clients,” remarked Zach Hubeck, Executive Vice President of WAV and MBSI WAV. “This collaboration will empower us to cater to diverse networking needs across different industries efficiently.” 

About EnGenius Technology 

EnGenius Technology is a leading global provider of connectivity solutions, delivering feature-rich, high-performance networking equipment for businesses and individuals. With a focus on innovation and simplicity, EnGenius has consistently introduced reliable and cutting-edge products that redefine wireless networking standards. EnGenius’ comprehensive and user-friendly portfolio reflects its dedication to addressing the evolving needs of modern connectivity. For more information, visit https://www.engeniustech.com

About WAV 

WAV is a leading technology distributor specializing in Wi-Fi, networking, wireless broadband and LTE equipment. With a customer-centric approach, WAV offers various products that cater to multiple industries’ networking needs. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation, WAV provides unparalleled technical expertise and comprehensive support for multi-vendor solutions. To learn more, please visit https://www.wavonline.com.

MBSI WAV is the industry’s premier distributor serving the Canadian wireless market with strong stocking positions both in Alberta and Ontario. MBSI WAV provides the depth of knowledge and expert services required to fully address the specific technology and value-add needs of the WISP, VAR and Solution Provider community. Along with providing professional value-add services, MBSI WAV offers up to date product knowledge with support for multi-vendor solutions. For more information call (866) 597-6274 or visit www.mbsiwav.com.

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