EPG Specialty Information Uses AI to Amplify Deep Industry Insights & Solutions


MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — What do you get when you combine data-driven decision making with the power of AI to automate and enhance data preparation, data visualization, predictive modeling, and other complex analytical tasks?

That’s what EPG Specialty Information (EPGSI) is doing with groundbreaking integration of AI tools across its research, analytics, and content creation processes.

This strategic step positions EPGSI at the forefront of data-driven insights in the power and beverage alcohol industries, further enhancing their commitment to equipping clients with unmatched knowledge for informed decision-making. 

“As a trusted B2B2C partner to the power and beverage alcohol industries and channels, it’s our responsibility to constantly innovate, ensuring our clients have the competitive edge they need,” said Andrew Esham, Managing Director of EPGSI. “Our innovative integration of AI tools demonstrates our commitment to this promise.” 

With the aim of capturing precise consumer sentiments, EPGSI is now utilizing generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to craft preliminary surveys for their consumer panel. This implementation ensures the questions posed to consumers are insightful and relevant, laying the foundation for accuracy and quality. 

EPGSI has taken a quantum leap by combining advanced statistical analysis methods like logistic regression, XGBoost, and k-means clustering, with AI to predict intricate consumer personas of its IMBIBE reports.

AI-driven topic generation has enhanced EPGSI’s Beverage Handbooks to ensure their information and insights remain timely, relevant, and in sync with the latest industry trends. 

When it comes to using AI tools for business, ethical considerations are paramount. EPGSI adopts a philosophy of “human intelligence first, artificial intelligence second.” This ensures that the deep industry knowledge and expertise inherent to EPGSI are the primary drivers, while AI tools are used to supplement their efforts. This approach ensures not just accuracy and quality but also aligns with the core values and mission of EPGSI. 

About EPG Specialty Information

Established in 2022, EPG Specialty Information is a Minneapolis-based company dedicated to offering data-driven insights and analytical services specifically collected from first party audience and measurement data generated independently, and from its affiliate, EPG Brand Acceleration. Recognized for its deep industry expertise, EPG is a beacon for businesses seeking actionable insights and solutions to achieve growth and profitability in their markets. 

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Note: This press release was partly written with generative AI.

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