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Reno, NV, March 27, 2024 –(PR.com)– EquityProtect proudly announces the groundbreaking launch of the “EstateGuard Evaluation Report,” marking a significant milestone in property risk assessment. This innovative report is tailored to property owners nationwide and provides comprehensive insight into potential vulnerabilities and risks associated with financial crimes.

The “EstateGuard Evaluation Report” represents EquityProtect’s commitment to fostering widespread awareness and empowering real estate professionals with critical knowledge to combat financial crimes effectively. Unlike conventional approaches that may induce unwarranted fear among homeowners, EquityProtect’s mission is to educate and equip stakeholders with the necessary tools to understand and address these threats proactively.

Over the span of 18 months, EquityProtect has collaborated with industry leaders and conducted extensive research to identify clear attributes and vulnerabilities within the real estate sector which perpetrators of financial crimes exploit. Leveraging cutting-edge methodologies, the report employs sophisticated risk assessment techniques, including analysis of chains of title, ownership history, lien encumbrances, and property dynamics.

Key features of the “EstateGuard Evaluation Report” include:

· Thorough analysis of ownership patterns, including length of ownership, frequency of changes, and types of ownership structures.

· Dynamic risk assessment based on property values, equity percentages, and available loan programs.

· Evaluation of local, state, and federal involuntary liens to identify additional title encumbrances.

· Monitoring of property-related data changes such as mailing addresses, occupancy statuses, listings on vacation rental platforms and Multiple Listing Services.

· Advanced identity verification techniques, including reverse lookups and validation of contact information.

· Dark web monitoring integration to detect compromised personal information, fraudulent activities, cyber threats, and property targets.

· Utilization of data feeds that contain verified information on fraudsters, abusive users, and cybercriminals.

With over 1,100 data points meticulously analyzed, the “EstateGuard Evaluation Report” delivers unparalleled accuracy in assessing property risks. EquityProtect aims to bring transparency to the industry by prioritizing attention on properties identified as medium to high risk. This will safeguard vulnerable assets and mitigate potential threats.

“We are thrilled to introduce the ‘EstateGuard Evaluation Report,’ a game-changer in property protection,” said Ryan Marshall, CEO at EquityProtect. “Our comprehensive approach combines advanced technology with industry expertise to provide actionable insights and enhance security for property owners nationwide.”

For more information about EquityProtect and the “EstateGuard Evaluation Report,” visit www.equityprotect.com or email support@equityprotect.com.

About EquityProtect: EquityProtect is a leading provider of innovative property protection and risk assessment solutions. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, EquityProtect leverages advanced technology and industry expertise to deliver comprehensive services tailored to the needs of real estate professionals and property owners.