Eureka Launches #EurekaWavesOfFuture Campaign in Collaboration with American Littoral Society on World Cleanup Day

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With a heritage that traces back to 1909, focused on preserving home environments, the North American cleaning brand Eureka proudly announces its #EurekaWavesOfFuture campaign in honor of World Cleanup Day. This initiative underscores Eureka’s broadened mission: extending its cleaning expertise from individual homes to the vast expanses of our world’s oceans.

In this campaign, Eureka collaborates with the American Littoral Society, a New York-based organization dedicated to marine conservation. Together, they will engage volunteers and local communities in a series of beach cleanup events. The campaign is set to kick off on September 16th, from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST, with the primary event centered around the cleanup of Jamaica Bay, a critical ecological treasure in New York City.

Beyond mere waste removal, this campaign emphasizes data collection, with the goal of documenting the kinds of materials retrieved during the event. This crucial data will then be provided to research institutions for comprehensive analysis, thereby deepening our understanding of oceanic pollution and the most effective countermeasures.

The #EurekaWavesOfFuture campaign is more than a simple cleanup effort. Eureka seeks to extrapolate the principles of household upkeep to the frequently forgotten sanctuaries of our seas. It signifies a deep-seated commitment, a pledge to care for both the trivial and the grand, reaffirming our responsibility to the ultimate home of humanity: Planet Earth.

Beyond its active participation in environmental initiatives, Eureka also embeds eco-friendly considerations into its product designs. For instance, at IFA, Europe’s premier consumer electronics and home appliance trade show, Eureka unveiled the E10S, boasting the revolutionary Bagless Multi-cyclonic Station. This bagless innovation not only streamlines maintenance by removing the necessity for bag replacements but also promotes resource conservation. The advanced multi-cyclonic technology effectively captures particles, diminishing the need for frequent filter changes, and consequently, reducing waste directed to landfills.

About Eureka

Founded in 1909 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, Eureka® offers a diverse range of vacuums, including uprights, canisters, sticks, handhelds, cordless and robotic vacuum cleaners. For over a century, Eureka has been innovating, consistently introducing captivating products, thereby solidifying its reputation as a household name both in North America and globally. In 2016, Eureka® joined the Midea America Corp. family, blending Eureka’s rich history with Midea’s robust manufacturing prowess and extensive market reach. For additional information, please visit