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Dallas, TX, September 21, 2023 –(PR.com)– The Louise and Christopher B. Munday Foundation (The Munday Foundation) and 2020 Companies (www.2020companies.com) are delighted to announce their enduring commitment to advancing higher education by recognizing exceptional individuals with educational awards. These scholarships are available to employees and their dependents currently enrolled full-time in 2-year or 4-year degree programs within the United States.

In its fifth scholarship distribution, the Munday Foundation takes immense pride in continuing its tradition of supporting employees and their dependents in their educational pursuits. This Fall 2023, we awarded scholarships to seventeen outstanding individuals based on rigorous eligibility criteria and their personal written statements. This latest distribution marks a significant milestone of granting 100 scholarships to students. Additionally, through this initiative, The Munday Foundation has proudly invested $150,000 into higher education nationwide.

These accomplished scholarship recipients represent a diverse array of institutions nationwide, including esteemed universities such as Baylor University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Houston, and the University of Arkansas. The stories shared by our scholarship recipients vividly illustrate the profound impact this scholarship has had on their personal and academic journeys.

Motaz Olwan, a 2023 Fall Scholarship recipient, shared, “2020 Companies fosters an active and growth-oriented work environment for its employees and actively seeks to enrich our lives. I deeply appreciate that 2020 Companies genuinely cares for me professionally and personally. Through their support, I am afforded the privilege to continue my studies with reduced financial concerns.”

The Fall 2023 Scholarship applicant pool mirrors the diverse backgrounds that define the inclusiveness and diversity of 2020 Companies. This current group of scholarship honorees is pursuing degrees in various disciplines, including Computer Science, Anthropology, Nursing, Business, Psychology, and other fields of study. These dedicated students exemplify the collective determination of our community to attain excellence and continuously cultivate their skills and knowledge.

Chris Munday, Chairman and CEO, stated, “We established the foundation with the goal of helping our employees achieve their dreams of a college education. We are proud to have awarded 100 scholarships and distributed $150,000 in funding, making college more accessible to our employees and their families. Witnessing the long-term benefits of graduates in successful careers has been exceptionally rewarding.”

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that employees and their dependents will have another opportunity to apply for this scholarship in Spring 2024. Join us as we applaud these exceptional students for their unwavering commitment to personal growth through the pursuit of education. Together, we are forging a path toward a brighter and more promising tomorrow.

About The Louise & Christopher B. Munday Foundation:
The Louise & Christopher B. Munday Foundation promotes and supports the continued education and development of new skills for individuals in diverse communities, especially historically underrepresented groups. 2020 Companies and The Foundation will continue to seek ways to support and strengthen educational opportunities globally.

About 2020 Companies:
2020 Companies (Southlake, TX) is a 3PL outsourced sales marketing agency. We provide innovative turnkey retail solutions to assist sales, create experiences, provide marketing strategy, execute merchandising needs, and develop nationwide virtual/online/in-person training. With over 10,000 employees in over 400,000+ retail doors across the United States, we partner with many of the most recognized global electronics and consumer goods brands. For more information, visit 2020companies.com.

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