The ‘Skincare that Saves Animals’ Brand brings the Smurfs® Forest to Life with Limited-Edition Skincare Collection; Commits Minimum of $50,000 to Rescue Organizations 

MCKINNEY, Texas, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FarmHouse Fresh®, the leading farm-grown skincare company focusing on high-nutrition ingredients and potent botanical extracts grown daily through sustainable hydroponic farming, has partnered with The Smurfs® to launch a 6-piece, limited-edition skincare collection.  The first of its kind, this partnership will bring the whimsical wonders of the Smurfs® forest to life, while rescuing animals.  FarmHouse Fresh® has committed $1 from the sale of each product to the FHF “Smurfy Ever After Animal Rescue Project” to help urgent animal cases nationwide.  Through batch codes on the packaging, customers will be able to learn the stories of the animals directly benefitting from their skincare purchase and follow their healing journeys.

This new collection features products infused with FarmHouse Fresh’s hydroponically-grown botanical microgreens, exotic blue plants like blue tansy, blue borage oil, and blue lotus flower, and fresh organic fruits from local farms.

The FarmHouse Fresh® x Smurfs® collection includes:

  • Forest Flower Creamy Chamomile Cleanser ($31)
  • Blue Lotus Hydration Cascade Gelée Moisturizer ($47)
  • Smurfberry Jam Brightening Berry Hydration Mask ($33)
  • Smurfcake Moon Dip® Body Mousse ($40)
  • Berry Blue Juicy Organic Lip Therapy Balm ($23)
  • Smurfsoda Soothing Bath Soak ($12) with a surprise Smurfy fortune inside

Available online and at FarmHouse Fresh® spa and retail partners across the U.S., the launch also features 7 charitable FHF x Smurfs collectibles (T-shirt, silk scarves, trucker hat, jumbo stickers, keychains and mugs) that donate 100% of profits to the FHF Smurfy Ever After Animal Rescue Project. Additionally, thousands of spas, hotels and resorts will be offering exclusive Smurf-tacular treatments and blue-themed launch parties. Early spa visitors will be treated to collectible gifts, including cosmetic bags with a FHF x Smurf Village Silk Scarf.

Shannon McLinden, CEO and Founder of FarmHouse Fresh®, expressed her enthusiasm: “The Smurfs® have always been close to our hearts, and this collaboration encapsulates the perfect blend of nostalgia and our commitment to animal welfare. Our customers, many of whom grew up watching the Smurfs® and collecting the figurines, are giddy about trying a Smurfberry Jam facial mask, Smurfcake Moon Dip and the entire collection!”

“This collaboration was perfectly aligned with our ‘Rescue for 2’ mission – rescuing complexions and animals in need,” said McLinden. One dollar of every jar from this collection is going to the FHF Smurfy Ever After Animal Rescue Project to save, rehabilitate, and heal neglected animals. The project, which has committed a minimum of $50,000, benefits a coalition of 9 nonprofit rescue organizations across the country that will be helping urgent animals in need. Each collection jar and bottle has a trackable batch code linked to the many animals they’re directly helping. Customers can follow their healing journeys at

This national rescue project benefits the following animal rescue organizations across the U.S.:

  1. The Sanctuary at Red Bell Run, North Carolina
  2. Turning Point Donkey Rescue, Michigan
  3. FarmHouse Fresh® Farm Animal Sanctuary, Texas
  4. Focus Rescue & Rehab, Ohio
  5. Archangel Animal Network, Texas
  6. Elephant Aid International & Elephant Refuge North America, Georgia
  7. Rescue Row Dog Rescue, Texas
  8. Dog is my Copilot, Wyoming
  9. Alaqua Animal Refuge, Florida

To encourage additional donations to urgent animal rescues, the company has launched the World’s Smurfiest Pets Selfie Challenge – a free selfie generator featuring Smurfette who kisses pets. Participants upload their pet’s photo and then caption what’s “smurfiest” about them. The individual then nominates a minimum of five people to do the same thing, having only a 24-hour time frame to complete the challenge and make a donation to the FHF Smurfy Ever After Animal Rescue Project. The free generator is found here:

The FarmHouse Fresh® x Smurf® collection includes:

Blue Lotus Hydration Cascade Gelée Moisturizer ($47):
This dewy blue lotus gelée moisturizer replenishes and soothes dry skin, restoring radiance and elasticity with a time- release cascade of 2% retinol & powerful peptides. Infused with the antioxidant-rich power of blue tansy oil, blue lotus extract, honeyberry extract & FHF-grown watercress extract.

Forest Flower Creamy Chamomile Cleanser ($31):
This ultra-soothing, creamy cleanser is a pH-balanced blend of ingredients that removes all traces of makeup, dirt, mascara & sunscreen – leaving your skin feeling Smurf-tastically soft and smooth. The hydrating and replenishing benefits of chamomile & blue lotus (potent plant extracts jam-packed with antioxidants), nourishing coconut milk and micronutrient-rich FHF-grown lemon balm extract transport skin to an enchanted complexion.

Smurfberry Jam Brightening Berry Hydration Mask ($33):
Dip into a cool, creamy-soft hydrating mask packed with organic strawberries & blueberries to visibly brighten – plus, fresh avocado butter, extract & oil to instantly quench dry skin. A seriously soothing blend of blue tansy oil, blue lotus extract, honeyberry extract & FHF-grown red amaranth extract gives your skin an antioxidant boost, leaving it radiant & refreshed.

Berry Blue Juicy Organic Lip Therapy ($23):
Juicy, kissably-soft plum tinted lips with this rich and creamy lip treat, made with blue borage oil, organic blueberries, shea & cocoa seed butters, vitamin E, avocado oil and FHF-grown “Rainbow Sprinkles” (micro chard & beet extracts) for an antioxidant boost!

Smurfcake Moon Dip® Back To Youth Ageless Body Mousse ($40):
A light-as-air whipped body mousse in the Smurfs’ most delicious dessert scent, Honeycake. Notes of creamy vanilla, warm honey and gooey caramel that’ll wrap your body in plush comfort. Its powder-soft peaks combine with powerful age-fighting peptides & retinol that smooth the look of wrinkles. Infused with FHF-grown blue Tuscan kale extract and emollient oils that leave your skin feeling Smurf-sationally soft, smooth and youthful!

Smurfsoda Soothing Bath Soak Moisturizing Fizzer; Crushed Organic Blueberries & Smurfy Fortune Inside ($12):
This Smurf-tacular bath soak transports you with a mouthwatering aroma of a Smurfsoda. Imagine the fruity scent of crushed organic blueberries in freshly-baked muffins, juicy strawberries & sweet cream soda. Simply add to warm running bath water and let the nourishing coconut oil, vitamin E and mineral-rich Epsom salts work their magic on your skin. You’ll emerge from the tub silky soft and smelling Smurfy-licious, with a surprise Smurfy fortune to read.

FarmHouse Fresh® is an award-winning natural skincare company growing fresh hydroponic botanicals daily on their farm in McKinney, Texas. The company’s Farm to Table treatments are served through spas, hotels and resorts around the world, from Dallas to Dubai. The company focuses on high-nutrition skincare using sustainable hydroponic farming to grow botanical microgreens that become extracts in the company’s products.

Philanthropy is at the core of the company’s sustainability promise, with the ranch headquarters doubling as a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary. FarmHouse Fresh® believes in providing rescue for 2: complexions and animals in need. Every purchase helps rescue and rehabilitate animals – customers can track the batch code on their jar to learn the stories of the animals directly benefiting from their skincare purchase. At the FarmHouse Fresh® Ranch Headquarters, employees are directly involved with the care of rescue animals.

FarmHouse Fresh® products can be purchased at thousands of top destination spas, resorts, and finer retailers across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, including Four Seasons, Ritz-Carltons, Beaches Resorts, Disney, Marriotts, Hyatts, The Broadmoor, Waldorf Astorias, Omni Hotels, Burke Williams Spas, The Woodhouse Day Spas and more. For more information about this or any other FarmHouse Fresh® retail or professional spa product, please contact FarmHouse Fresh® at 888-773-9626 or visit the website at

SOURCE FarmHouse Fresh