FitGymSoftware®: Pioneering Digital Fitness Revolution

FitGymSoftware®, a leading automation software company, announced the launch of its new automation software designed specifically for fitness and recreational centers. The software is customized for various fields, including Swimming, Yoga, Dance, Pilates, and martial arts. Its primary purpose is to increase efficiency, member engagement, and business revenue.

Navin Rajesham, Founder & CTO, FitGymSoftware®

Critical features of FitGymSoftware® include Booking and Class Management, which enable effortless Scheduling and Attendance tracking for staff and members. The Biometric Technology features to ensure secure, quick access to facilities, improving security and convenience. Scheduling Classes is now simpler than ever, with real-time updates and modifications at instructors’ fingertips.

Another exciting feature is its Mobile App, which allows studio owners to manage client schedules, track progress, and engage with their fitness community directly from their smartphones. Additionally, the software provides robust Reports and analytics that deliver insightful data crucial for strategic planning and enhancing member satisfaction.

The Client Membership Management tool streamlines the administrative aspects of managing memberships, including registrations, renewals, and billing, thereby improving operational efficiency and customer service.

Navin Rajesham, CTO of FitGymSoftware® said, “Our automation suite is tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern fitness centers. With these tools, our clients can focus more on delivering exceptional service and less on routine tasks. We believe that our technology will set a new standard in fitness management.”

FitGymSoftware® new software is now available for fitness centers looking to elevate their operational capabilities and provide ultimate service to their members. For more information, visit

Availability and Pricing of FitGymSoftware®: FitGymSoftware® understands that every fitness business has unique needs and budgets. That’s why FitGymSoftware® stands out from the competition by offering all the exclusive features in every single plan, regardless of the billing cycle chosen. Whether owners opt for the quarterly, half-yearly, or annual plan, they can access all the features designed to simplify their operations and boost their business growth. Check more about the software pricing: