Founder of PARENTNashik Shreekant Patil Celebrating 8 Years of Innovation: National Startup Day 2024 at SITRC, Nashik –

Nashik, India, January 22, 2024 –(– Shreekant Patil, an esteemed star mentor at MAARG and a leading figure in the startup community, participated as the Chief Guest at the event commemorating National Startup Day 2024 held at SITRC, Nashik from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm.

During the event, Prof. Sarika Patil, Head of the Department, felicitated Shreekant Patil in recognition of his significant contributions to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Shreekant Patil shared valuable insights, drawing from his extensive experience, on entrepreneurship, the initiatives undertaken by Startup India, the dynamics of the startup ecosystem and how founder of today are leaders of tomorrow. Following his address, an engaging Q & A session took place, wherein students and professors from SITRC enthusiastically participated, demonstrating their eagerness to learn and grow in the field of entrepreneurship.

As a testament to his commitment to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, Shreekant Patil pledged to continue guiding and supporting the students at SITRC, with the promise to provide ongoing mentorship and advice. The event provided an invaluable opportunity for the attendees to gain practical knowledge and inspiration from Shreekant Patil’s expertise in the startup domain.

Shreekant Patil’s active involvement as the Chief Guest at EAC 2024 exemplifies his dedication to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial culture at SITRC and beyond. His unwavering commitment to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship has left an indelible impact on the budding entrepreneurs and academic community at SITRC.