Francisco González’s Newly Released “La Historia del Che Guevara ¡Mito o realidad!” is an Insightful Look at the Realities of Communist Rule –

Houston, TX, February 13, 2024 –(– “La Historia del Che Guevara ¡Mito o realidad!”: a compelling history of a paradoxical political figure. “La Historia del Che Guevara ¡Mito o realidad!” is the creation of published author, Francisco González.

González shares, “We have heard world statesmen talk about how great events are told; the development of a country, a plague, a disease, etc. Do not be alarmed, the suffering of the people of Cuba is counted in death tolls; for more than 65 years. This small country is an island, located in the Caribbean, its population has been subjected to the most terrible torture, only comparable to the extermination of the Cambodian population, by Pol Pot’s communist regime.

“This book, easy to read, and very enjoyable, due to the dynamics in which its structure results, in short chapters, in which actions and events that involve this Argentine are recounted; named Che Guevara.

“As a Cuban; I will speak for the victims of the first years of radical communism, on the island of Cuba, since they were not allowed to express themselves, even when faced with the imminent deprivation of life, they begged their executioners not to murder them, because They were innocent.

“I do not intend to cover the entire history, it would be impossible, I think, because each Cuban who has lived on the island during these more than 65 years has his own story, more tragic or less tragic, but each one has his story, I confess something: He has It has been very difficult to write about this murderer, but, as a kidnapped by these executioners, I believe that the victims deserve respect, therefore. In memory of the victims, I will tell my version of the events; but not before making my own the words of the Master of all Cubans, José Martí; when he said:

‘When there are many men without decorum, there are always others who have in them the decorum of many men. Those are the ones who rebel with terrible force against those who rob people of their freedom, which is to rob men of their decorum. In those men are thousands of men, an entire people, human dignity.’ – Jose Marti”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Francisco González’s new book brings perspective to a complex time in Cuba’s development.

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