Franklin See, Chaplain, CPE, ThD’s Newly Released “On Borrowed Time: The extraordinary stories of ordinary people” is a Thoughtful Discussion of Finding One’s Faith –

Portsmouth, VA, March 04, 2024 –(– “On Borrowed Time: The extraordinary stories of ordinary people”: a compassionate and honest discussion of faith. “On Borrowed Time: The extraordinary stories of ordinary people” is the creation of published author, Franklin See, Chaplain, CPE, ThD, a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather who joined the Navy at seventeen. Serving a career in the armed forces, See later went on to become a safety specialist for a Virginia State Sub-Division. While there, he earned a BA degree from Saint Leo College, master’s degrees in divinity and religion from Liberty University, ordination, and acceptance into the nationally recognized Clinical Pastoral Education program. Completing a second career, Franklin became a hospital chaplain with Bon Secours Medical Group, serving those broken by the storms of life, leading many to salvation in Christ.

Recruited by the Sentara Medical Group as hospice chaplain and by Old Dominion University as adjunct professor, Franklin taught and mentored students from worldwide cultures in the subject matter of death, dying, and survivorship. As chaplain, Franklin ministered to homebound, hospitalized, and nursing home patients in search of eternal peace in their final days of life.

When a close family member became terminally ill and lacked support, Franklin became primary caregiver. During this time, Franklin completed a Doctor of Theology degree while giving his best in support of church, community, and family.

See shares, “Don’t wait until you are on borrowed time. Access the transformational power of God today and change your life forevermore!

“The book, ‘On Borrowed Time,’ is a hard-hitting, tough-love approach that cuts to the chase and goes to the very spiritual hearts of our patients who are desperately searching to find peace in their later days of life. On Borrowed Time takes us behind the hospital room’s cubicle curtains for a seldom-seen look into the lives of those who are struggling to make sense of the lives that they have lived and the all too often brevity of time that life still holds.

“Many have lived a lifetime on their own terms, holding allegiance to the things of the world and having little to no time for God. Heartbreakingly, the day is often far spent when our patients are awakened to the news that they are terminally ill, leaving them with feelings of spiritual hopelessness. Yet it is here when all seems lost that God does his best work.

“With it all on the line, the reader of ‘On Borrowed Time’ can know, without a doubt, that hospital chaplains strive to operate in parallel with the divine works of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit’s work is complete, the patient can rejoice in knowing that God has not forgotten them and that he is still calling their name.

“Although ‘On Borrowed Time’ is based upon our patients’ real-life stories, the book’s overall message to us is to choose today whom we shall serve. While we are all prodigal sons and daughters and our heavenly Father rejoices in the day that we return to him, tomorrow is not promised to us, and it may never come.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Franklin See, Chaplain, CPE, ThD’s new book skillfully explores the extraordinary journeys of ordinary individuals, highlighting the profound impact of spirituality and offering solace to readers facing their own life transitions.

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